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Magnetron – A Measured Timeframe Review

Released By : Self-Released

Genre : Thrash Metal

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Johan Smit – Drums, Vocals

Isaak Heemskerk – Guitars, Vocals

Dennis Bolderman – Guitar

Stijn Bogers – Bass


In today’s musical landscape it’s easier than ever before for bands without labels, managers and promoters to get their tunes out across the world. While this has been mostly a good thing, the catch is that there is so much music flooding our ears these days it takes something pretty special to stand out. So you get bands like MAGNETRON that have been around for years and released demos galore that finally get around to releasing an album and the fact is that people simply expect it to be good.

GOOD is probably a very suitable word for this release in all honesty. The band are geared mostly toward the typical sounds of late eighties Thrash Metal, but with a couple of really short songs and a couple of titles like ROB A BANK, BUY A TANK and FLASHING OF THE BRAIN there is clear Crossover vibe here too. All in all everything is done quite well, but is let down by the production in which the guitar feels limp and lifeless all to often, Thrash releases should always be built around a chunky guitar sound. The vocals are pretty good and really do give you that retro vibe without any of the modern influence that most of today’s Thrash releases are covered in. The drumming is a bit more aggressive than you would expect, which is likely due to the fact that MAGNETRON began their days as a Grindcore act. So simply put from a musical perspective, if you are a fan of no frills old-school neck-snapping Thrash Metal, then A MEASURED TIMEFRAME is certainly worthy of a quick look in.

Something I will air a nuance with however is the physical product itself. This is one of those standard non-booklet, thinned out digipak releases that most bands on the cheap are going for these days, but I can’t help but feel that it hasn’t helped MAGNETRON at all. With the long and interesting that this band has to offer, this debut release after all of this time would have been the perfect opportunity for a great little booklet with some info on all of their previous demos and E.P’s, some photos & lyrics…you get the idea.  Maybe that sort of stuff doesn’t matter as much to people in this digital based era, but for old-school music lovers like myself, the lack of a booklet in this situation is big error.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating :  7/10

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