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Sushi Rain – Breathless Review

Released By : Madamadore Records

Genre : Alternative, Funk Metal

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Madame Madness – Guitars

Matteo Carrai – Vocals

Asuzu – Bass

Alessandro Biondi – Keys

Alessio Crocetti – Saxaphone



01. Shake Your Body To The Disco Hell

02. Something Illegal Indie My Life

03. Don’t Waste More Tears

04. American Show

05. Happy For Another Night

06. Big Mistake

07. Midnight Queen

08. I Wanna Fall In Love

09. Fly


It’s odd how hearing certain albums can trigger things in your mind, which is exactly what happened when I started listening to the new album from Tuscany-based Funk Metal combo SUSHI RAIN. Two-minutes into BREATHLESS and I was mentally transported right back to early nineties when bands like FAITH NO MORE, LIVING COLOR and EXTREME were making waves across the music industry.

While being able to affect you in this way could be looked at as a good thing, it’s also a little bit of a problem because you can’t help but instantly compare, and that’s probably not the fairest way to judge this release. If we had a lot of Funk-Metal options like we used to then  I would say that BREATHLESS would likely struggle, but due to the fact that releases of this style are few and far between these days then I’d say that gives SUSHI RAIN a bit of an edge.

Musically the album is pretty sound, with the LIVING COLOR influence seemingly coming out as the strongest, the guitar playing is great, the bass punches and slaps its way across the album and the drums have that tight sound not too far removed from CHILI PEPPERS skin-man Chad Smith. The added horn sections almost let off a slight SKA vibe in places but luckily they’re not obtrusive enough to cause too much trouble. I do however struggle a bit with the vocals. Yes, they do suit the style of music quite well for the most part, but the thick Italian accent is something that I have a hard time getting past.

MIDNIGHT QUEEN, BIG MISTAKE and DON’T WASTE MORE TEARS are the highlight moments here, and each of these tracks sounds a little different to the other which does give the album some spark. Overall I think SUSHI RAIN are still a little bit too raw (no pun intended!) to really push for a bigger slice of the pie, but if you are a fan of Jazz-Fusion, minimalistic Ska or yearn for the days of Funk-Metal then it couldn’t hurt to at least give BREATHLESS a quick listen.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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