Furyon – Gravitas Review

Is hard to initially categorized the band as I said earlier there are commercial strides, elements of progressive metal, post modern and grunge all rolled into one conglomerate...

Released by: Frontiers Records

Release Date: March 23rd, 2012

Genre: Modern Hard Rock/Progressive

Links: http://www.furyon.net/


Line Up:

Matt Mitchell – Vocals

Chris Green – Guitars

Pat Heath – Guitars

Alex “Nickel” Bowen – Bass

Lee Farmery – Drums



01. Disappear Again

02. Stand Like Stone

03. Souvenirs

04. Don’t Follow

05. New Way of Living

06. Voodoo Me

07. Fear Alone

08. Wasted on You

09. Our Peace Someday

10. Desert Suicide

11. Voodoo Me (acoustic) *

12. Souvenirs (acoustic) *


I believe it was the great William Shakespeare who once said “If music be the food of love, play on.” I know totally random quote here but I thought it would be a nice neat little intro into the new album from UK Hard Rockers Furyon. A journey of music through it’s many incarnations can be quite interesting and eventful, specially if you’re a band like Furyon who’s roots started back in early 2000 in a band called Pride. Of course for those who don’t know Pride was AOR/Hard Rock and the trio of Mitchell, Green and bassist Simon Farmery decided to part ways with Pride but stuck together and continued in their new band Furyon. Since the guys we’re already trying to change their sound and give birth to a more modern and updated ME, they decided to just disband and formed this new incarnation of the remnants of their original band with a new approach.

The peculiar thing was the sound that Furyon has now is more leaning towards the US Hard Rock scene and more closely resembling bands like Creed or Alter Bridge but not entirely. Not that there’s is anything wrong with this sound, in fact I find it interesting that for a band with a capable guitarist and solid vocalist, it was an obvious choice to try to modernize their sound in order to reach the masses on a larger scale. This is what these guys brought to the table to producer Rick Beato (Shinedown, Fozzy, Bullet For My Valentine. when he was recommended by Kip Winger, (who coincidentally Green was working with on the Scrap Metal project). It was obvious the direction in which the guys had in mind was only reinforced further more by the help from their producer because is clearly visible that this updated more commercial Hard Rock sound is just what the doctor ordered, and I have nothing but admiration when bands get it right and dilute their own unique sound into something appealing to the public. Furyon breathes fresh air with their self titled debut here.

First thing you have to point out here is the axe work of Chris Green who is more then capable of transforming some tasty riffs, and this is even more evident with his work with other projects as Rubicon Cross a collaboration with Firehouse singer CJ Snare, and his Scrap Metal work with Kip Winger as well. Definitely one of the most respected guitar players out there. His careful meticulous attention to detail on songs like “Stand Like Stone”and “Souvenirs” needs to be commended. His fresh style brings elements of progressive, post metal and alternative all into the mix, forming a giant wall of transgression best served with heaviness.

The heavy grunge pile driving tune “Don’t Follow” ends way too soon for my liking, but the trails of heaviness fills the air with smoke trails. The haunting vocal lines of Mitchell in the opening seconds of “New Way of Living” bring flashes of Tool only to be overshadowed by Green’s sick guitar solo midway through this epic tune. The intricate as hell riff  factory in “Fear Alone” is majestic, making this whole record just blowing with fury and intrinsic sounds.

I think is safe to say that Furyon has emerged from the depths and will be kicking tail for years to come, their sound is modern but their sound strays away into more complexity the more you listen to the album. Moments of sheer explosion and ecstasy come rushing to your ears as you enjoy some excellent composed tracks. Is hard to initially categorized the band as I said earlier there are commercial strides, elements of progressive metal, post modern and grunge all rolled into one conglomerate melting pot of induced rhythms and groove. The band lays down an interlaced path of hooks and melodies that are hidden in deep in the submersion of the sound, something nice for a chance as you have to listen closely to pick up on it. In the end the band tears it up in true “Gravitas” confidence, depth or whatever other definition you want to find for this Latin term….bottom line is that this band and it’s future are boundless thanks in part to their creativity. Check them out!!!


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    8/10

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