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Testor – Animal Killstinct Review

Released By : Killer Metal Records

Genre : Modern Thrash Metal, Groove Metal

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01. Intro

02. Heroes To The Gallows

03. Animal Killstinct

04. Rise Of The Cobra

05. This Brock

06. Psychotic High Speed Ensemble

07. Howling

08. Stagnation Sludge

09. Total Annihilation

10. Outro


After more than twenty years of hiding, It seems like Poland’s best kept secret TESTOR are finally ready to take than next step and introduce themselves to the rest of the world. ANIMAL KILLSTINCT (great title BTW) is the band’s fourth studio album and their first international release courtesy of their new record label Killer Metal Records.

The band play a hybrid mix of modern Thrash Metal and older Thrash Metal, with hints of old-school hardcore and a layer of Groove Metal for good measure. This all combined comes out to sound like a more streamlined version of MACHINE HEAD meets LOW-era TESTAMENT with a touch of classic METALLICA and hint of PANTERA. For me personally, this is a very tasty combination as the above-mentioned bands are some of my all-time favorites and unlike a lot of ‘metal-heads’ these days, I’m not afraid to say that the Modern Groove element really adds something great to this band’s sound. Following the MACHINE HEAD trend, there is a lot of pinch-harmonics going on here and some great dual solos, which ensure that the more simplistic groove-based riffs always have something interesting atop them. Vocalist Rafal Wachnichi does a fantastic job here too, and sounds a little bit like Chuck Billy at times, a little like Robb Flynn at other times while also bringing his own feel and style to the picture.

All in all, ANIMAL KILLSTINCT is a great album. The musicality is clearly that of a band that has spent plenty of time working together, the lyrics are interesting and the vocals are aggressive and audible at the same time, the artwork is pretty good and the production is nice and beefy while still bringing the punch into the sound as required. Sorry Poland, but I think it’s time to let the rest of us get a hold of TESTOR, there’s enough quality and class here for me to think they are destined for bigger and better things. It’s never too late I guess….


Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 9/10


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