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Voices of Destiny – Power Dive Review

Released by: Massacre Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Epic/Gothic Metal



Line Up:

Maike Holzmann – Vocals

Chris Gutjahr – Guitars

Lukas Palme – Keyboards

Jens Hartwig – Bass

Erik Seitz –



1. Intro

2. Power Dive

3. My Separation

4. Dreams Awake

5. Kami

6. Untouchable

7. Being Worth

8. Dedication

9. Your Hands

10. Red Winter’s snow

11. Outro

12. Smoke and mirrors (Digipak bonus track


Voices of Destiny, from Germany, have released their sophomore album Power Dive. They’re a tour de force of converging metal styles. You’ve got power metal on the surface, operatic vocals matched with guttural death growls, ample amounts of thrash, death, and progressive metal splashed with melodicism. To say I liked this album would be an understatement.

I’ve always been fascinated by bands that can mix so many styles of music into one common sound, and Voices of Destiny have managed to do this better than most. The hauntingly beautiful voice of Maike Holzmann draws you in then keyboardist Lukas Palme responds with demonic growls not unlike that of Cannibal Corpse on top of driving songs interspersed with whiplash inducing thrash riffs. And that’s just within the opening track “Power Dive.” From track to track Voices of Destiny take the listener through not only multiple styles of metal, but every emotion one can imagine. Orchestral, gothic, power- simply incredible.

From the chaotic “Dedication” to the grooving yet heavy “Your Hands” to the beautiful “Being Worth,” the songs combine to create a very powerful album for such an up and coming band. On top of stunning songs, it’s hard to fathom that the music is performed by a quartet of mega-talented performers. It’s very obvious that they honed their talents on the club scene in Germany for many years. Power Dive builds to the epic closer “Red Winter’s Snow.” This is the track that exemplifies everything that is great about Voices of Destiny.

Hopefully many others will hear the greatness of this band and this album the same way I do. Voices of Destiny should be required listening for any fan of metal open enough to accept varying styles. That’s the saddest part about dealing with some metal fans. There are so many folks that unless a band fits a certain mold they refuse to listen to anything else. Open your mind, and allow Voices of Destiny in, and prepare yourself to be taken away on a musical journey most bands only wish they could fulfill.


Written by Chris

Ratings    Chris    9/10

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One thought on “Voices of Destiny – Power Dive Review

  1. After reading this review I has to go listen to Voices of Destiny myself. I’m always interested in bands that are not afraid to push the boundaries of their respective genre. Chris was on the mark! This band can take you from one end of the metal spectrum and hurl you all the way to the other. The description of the band’s album offered me a different way to listen to the album and I think I appreciated the music more having read this review first. Thanks for opening my mind!


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