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Walter Trout – Blues for the Modern Daze Review

Released by: Provogue Records

Release Date: April 24th, 2012

Genre: Blues Rock




1.Saw My Mama Cryin


3.The Sky is Fallin’ Down

4.Blues for my Baby

5.You Can’t go Home Again


7.Turn off your TV

8.Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous

9.Never Knew You Well

10.Puppet Master

11.Money Rules the World

12.All I Want is You

13.Brother’s Keeper

14.Blues for the Modern Daze

15.Pray for Rain


The first great blues rock album of the year has managed to crawled it’s way across my desk and is non other then Blues legend Walter Trout’s whopping 21st album. What a ginormous career Trout has had, and the people and shows he has played with are nothing short of extraordinary.  Trout started in blues back in 1973 where he got gigs behind legends the likes of Hooker, Percy Mayfield, Joe Tex among others, he even landed a stint with blues icons Canned Heat in 81. But he really got his big break when he joined The Bluesbreakers which features a pedigree of even more legendary guitar players the likes of Eric Clapton, Peter Green and Mick Taylor. Experience is not only an ocean of abundance with Trout, but anyone that knows anything about the blues, there is a way to play and then there is THE way to play the blues. Walter Trout plays the blues with a perfect mix of blues and rock as he is able to go back and forth between the two seamlessly.

“Trout’s sixth recording for Provogue Records is his first pure blues album in 23 years as a bandleader”. Amazing if you think about how long Trout has been playing the genre and establishing quite a fan base overseas in Europe and around the world. Walter stated that on the new album his influences behind the curtains was Blind Willie Johnson a pioneer of the genre who constructed such iconic tunes like “Nobody’s Fault but Mine” and “Soul of a Man”. Nothing like true inspirations and Walter Trout breathes it right from his picking blues guitar playing, to his crystal clear guitar tone, to his solid raspy voice that is vastly underrated.

There are tons of hits galore on this album but some of the numbers I thought we’re excellent we’re “Saw My Mama Cryin” with it’s relentless blues/rock riff from the opening git go. A more melancholy and crafty tune comes via the slow grinding groove of “Recovery”, plays perfect to the lyrics of some of the old school blues legends, hardship and pain brought to you courtesy of Trout’s wails on the guitar, perfect.

Behind the music is a story and that story deals with contemporary life in the 21st century and issues we all deal with, perhaps a the direct message of “Turn of Your TV’ says it all, dealing with what we sell on TV, image and the impact on people who watch too much TV and are persuaded by the mainstream. Another truth gospel comes via the wails in “Money Rules the World” with these blatant lyrics saying it all, “Politicians Bought and Sold/And They are Doing Just What they are Told”. Nothing like some true honesty there is just not enough of it in this world; on top of  it you get some sweet punishing hard rock blues groove embedded in this master staple. Too many great hits to count here but if i had to choose one I go with “All I Want is You” with a vintage use of  D modal tuning to establish it’s trademark wooing vibe.

Blues for the Modern Daze is a  blues fest of an album, from slow churning slower numbers, to high rise electric tunes galore, Trout is a true monster on the strings and with his deep heart pounding vocals he manages to inscribe a journey from his lyrics, this entails a message of observation and exposes the world we live in for what it really is. But Walter is not a modern day messiah, what he is a truly underrated blues man, sure he’s a legend in blues circles but hearing his music is spellbinding as it’s majestic and without a doubt needs to be experienced by more people in the mainstream. This album is a crash course in blues and rock, a modern day piece of art that connects all the pieces of the puzzle and adjuring  it’s influences in old school country blues.


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    9/10


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