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Worlds Apart – Separate Ways Review

Released by: A.F.O Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Melodic Hard Rock



Line Up:

Rich Cedillo – All Guitars and Backing Vocals

Jeff (JAS) Silva – Bass, Fretless and Backing Vocals

Jay Davids – Lead Vocals

Gary Silva – Drums



1. That’s Why they Sent Me

2. Crutch

3. Give it Back

4. Last Time

5. Desperation

6. Can’t Let Go

7. Separate Ways

8. Riding on a Whisper

9. All or Nothing

10. Forever

11. Final Chapter


Hard Rock has been in my blood since I was a young boy and ever since I listened for the first time to bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Kiss,  Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Hendrix etc I couldn’t not put any of those bands and countless more out of my life. The list is endless there was something that mystified me and took hold of me from an early age. Was it the hooks in the music? Maybe it was the persona and onstage energy that you get from watching these bands, or perhaps the ability to entrance you at first listen, or was it the music the defined a generation?  A combination of all of those things likely was the culprit.

I never had musical talent for playing instruments despite my best attempts to play the guitar, but I found an avenue to help as many bands out there that remain locked in the cellar of ambiguity; and that opening was through our Webzine Myglobalmind. Is not easy making music and to understand it you have to fully appreciate the musicians and the creative process. And as much of a challenge as it is for many bands to break into the music business, many find the cruel reality of the lack of success can become a rollercoaster ride full of emotions and perilous paths leading to dead ends. More often then not these bands end up vanishing into obscurity like ashes in the fall.

For us here at the magazine we love and appreciate when we can expose bands and give them a moment in the sun, is kinda nice when bands like Worlds Apart appreciate what we do here at MGM, which is why we return the favor.

The guys have been performing together since the early 90’s and they’re brand of style of Melodic Hard Rock with a west coast grit made me take notice on their last effort “Clean Slate”. They also have released 4 CD’s on Perris Records as one of their selling artists. These guys are all very good musicians and having had the pleasure to play in sold out shows with bands like Dokken, Y&T, Night Ranger, Cinderella, Firehouse among others, reinforces this statement.

So the question is why in the hell did the band never become a household name? I don’t know many things can factor into that scenario. And no I’m not going to blame all of it on grunge even though the 90’s was obviously ruled by the genre, but it was more then that and the recurrent political angst in the country among many other factors that help catapult the rise against bravado of Grunge into the mainstream. The truth is that this is not an article about grunge vs hair metal, is just an honest perception of a band that could of been much much more, but due in part to the musical landscape circumstances they never did and that’s a damn shame.

I have the bittersweet pleasure to premier and write the first review for what is now going to be the last Worlds Apart album folks. That’s it the crowds are gone, the smoke has cleared and the journey although arduous, has brought plenty of things to cherish and that includes this new album which really is a classic retro release from WA titled “Separate Ways”. This record is a collection of songs recorded on a 16 track tape machine back in 1992 but we’re never officially released. You are in for a real treat and similarly to the great work that Eonian Records does with it’s archival releases of 80’s and 90’s Hard Rock, Myglobalmind has the pleasure to unleash the first and last of Worlds Apart offering to the world.

Is difficult to say exactly how if things we’re a bit different then if the guys would of made it big, but one thing I can’t deny and that is the blatant talent in the band. These dudes had everything formula wise to have made a splash. That typical hard rock tone, the high rise vocals, the crunchy guitar grooves and the lyrics to ignite a spark or two. The songs here have been remixed by Johnny Lima and mastered by Anthony Focx who has worked with big names like Aerosmith and Buckcherry among others.  Is obvious the guys wanted to give this release the proper mixing for all the fans to enjoy, and the quality clearly shows.

The opener of “That’s Why They Sent Me” has a tight get and go rhythm that leads the way for a razor sharp start. The guitars splash through with true Hard Rock edge on the high riser “Give it Back”. A tune that has commercial appeal is the resourceful hooks of “Riding On a Whisper”. Another well done song is the track “Forever” which plays like a memoir or a soundtrack of someones life, another solid song with a fun pompous chorus. The title track has it’s nostalgic moments as the name of the record was based on the fact the band is done and will not make any marks this song a special one holds more meaning then it would under any other circumstances. The last song “Final Chapter” features all the desired traits that made me enjoy the band’s last release, powerful melodies, nice backing choruses with some tantalizing guitar action, a perfect song to close the record with.

I thought awhile about how to write this article and no mater which away I go about it, I won’t do the band enough justice. In the end despite your musical tastes or you’re preference in genres one fact remains; and that is the fact that most of the Classic Rock/Hard Rock bands today you know the AC/DC, Bon Jovis and Deff Leppard’s of the world can still tour today and make a killing. Why? Well because they connected with fans, the music lasted eons and most importantly they made great music. Worlds Apart was minuscule in this equation because they may have smelled where they we’re going and the aspiration of what could of been, they never broke through. Unforgivably this holds true for many bands, but at the end of the day is the fans that make the music and for a band that kept on trying and manage to stick with it, despite any commercial success or piles of money from sales I have nothing but respect for WA and for any other band that truly gets it. Is about the music, the emotion, the feel, the live experience, the show, the connection and the fulfillment of making music that rocks. Too many bands today seem to forget how to make “fun” music anymore, and with the vast ocean of talent less people out there and the crumbling music industry, is nice have a piece of music come alive out of the proverbial cellar and unleashed to the world as it was meant to be. Here’s a toast to you Worlds Apart, may the rock with you and peace forever.


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    8/10

        Vintage Worlds Apart” at the Cactus March 5th 1993

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