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Degradation – Juggernaut

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Thrash Metal

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Mark Hartman – Guitar

Steve Holy – Bass

Alex Manske – Vocals, Guitar

Joe Manske IV – Drums



01. A Necessary Evil

02. Juggernaut

03. The Reckoning

04. Rise To Fall

05. Trail Of Sin

06. Executioner…Slayer Of The Light

07. Degradation

08. Thrill Of The Kill


First up, let me say that I think DEGRADATION is a great name for a Thrash Metal band, as do I think that Juggernaut is a fantastic Thrash record title. So, does the music live up to the potential then….Well for the most part yes, yes it does. This record is decidedly old-school in every way and there’s not one single hint of modern Thrash here at all. DEGRADATION take a little bit of EXODUS, a touch of KREATOR, a little bit of METALLICA and the half-sung, half-spoken vocal style made popular in the metal world by SLAYER frontman Tom Araya. Off the bat though, JUGGERNAUT isn’t as good as the better albums released by any of the above mentioned bands, but there is a clear love for the genre here which makes the album very endearing indeed.

For the most part this album doesn’t stray too far from the in your face speed metal approach, but the couple of times that it does slow the pace a little are actually the weakest moments of the record. For example the less aggressive vocal approach in RISE TO FALL aren’t as good as they probably could be and I think the band would be better off avoiding similar slower paced patches. Opening track A NECESSARY EVIL is a very cliche-riddled tune but as a thrash fan from way back I really enjoyed this very typical tune. JUGGERNAUT and THRILL OF THE KILL were also similarly enjoyable. I will also make mention of EXECUTIONER…SLAYER OF LIGHT, which some of you may recognize as a song by THE CROWN, it’s a great cover that stays pretty true to the original whilst adding just enough to deserve it’s place.

If you’re looking for a quick (just over thirty minutes actually) old-school Trash Metal attack for your senses, JUGGERNAUT is definitely an album you should keep an eye out for. If you are more into the modern approach to the Thrash Metal style, then DEGRADATION probably aren’t the band for you.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10


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