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Nation Despair – Exitium Mundi Review

Released By : Self-Released

Genre : Modern Death Metal

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01. Purified

02. Burden

03. Vihan Polku

04. Plague


Information about this band might be a little slim on the internet, but if their fourth E.P EXITIUM MUNDI is anything to go by then they are a dormant force just waiting to be unleashed on the masses. The band play a brand of death metal that combines the brutality of traditional death metal, with the more melodic and symphonic touched of the modern variety of death metal to find a really good balanced middle ground that should appeal to fans from both sides of the fence.

I’d be tempted to bring out the deathcore badge on occasions here too, especially in parts of VIHAN POLKU that are very, very modern sounding with break-down elements too. But these guys are too smart for that, and just when it seems like they are heading toward that vibe they jump back to the older brutal sounds of days gone by.

To say this band has yet to release a full album and have only been together since 2008, this effort deserves it’s fair share of praise. The musicianship is excellent and the vocals are truly brutal. The lyrics are interesting and the production was surprisingly good for an unsigned E.P.  The unfortunate aspect here though is that the disc occasionally feels a little repetitive and can get boring quick, which is a problem when you consider there is only four tracks here.

Obviously NATION DESPAIR are still a relatively new band all things considered, and I think if they just keep on moving forward as they have been with a slight improvement in each E.P then they could make a serious splash one day in the future. The only thing they need to work on is ironing out the occasional flat spots, everything else is good enough to be worthy of a label deal.


Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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