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Nightqueen – For Queen and Metal Review

Released by: Massacre Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Symphonic Power Metal



Line Up:

Keely Larreina – Lead vocals

Daniel Kells – Keyboards

Rex Zeco – Guitar

Alan Rawson – Guitar

Steven Steele – Bass

William Blodyn – Drums



1. Into The Night

2. Nightfall

3. Mystical Night

4. For Queen And Metal

5. Lady Fantasy

6. Nocturnal Thoughts

7. Secret Of The Blind Man

8. Majesty

9. Rebel To Rebel

10. Screaming For Mercy

11. Dark Fairy


I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a sucker for women in metal/hard rock. I have been since the days of Lita Ford, Vixen, and Doro Pesch in Warlock as well as solo. Perhaps it’s a carnal thing but truthfully it’s more to do with the fact that having a female in this genre automatically sets a band apart from most others. Metal and hard rock have always been a male dominated world. It’s nice to find a band that not only has this unique set up, but it’s even better when you find a band that is also fairly unique from a musical stand point. Nightqueen is that band.

Nightqueen came into being in 2004 and are just now releasing their debut album For Queen and Metal. I went in expecting one thing, but came out getting something much more. From the artwork and the opening strains of the intro I was expecting fairly typical power metal. Though there are major tendencies toward this subgenre of metal, it is far from stereotypical. For one Keely Larreina is unlike most females singing this type of music. Many power metal bands fronted by women feature a more operatic vocal style. Larreina is more of a metal singer, which adds a refreshing punch to the songs. Her voice is more akin to that of say Lizzy Borden and Geoff Tate rather than Tarja and Simone from Nightwish and Epica respectively: strong voices, great range, and dramatic delivery all around, but Larreina has that added oomph. That in and of itself makes this CD incredible in my book, but that is only a small part of what makes Nightqueen a band to keep an eye on.

Matching her pound for pound are the fantastic songs written by guitarist Rex Zeco. His goal when forming the band was to write songs setting them apart from the norm. There is the galloping drive of power in the background, but they’re layered with melodicism not typical of a lot of power metal. Top that with blistering guitar solos and a thunderous rhythm section and you’ve got the perfect match. With standout tracks like “For Queen and Metal,” “Nocturnal Thoughts,” “Majesty,” and the epic “Dark Fairy” this is an album that should be a must have for any metal fan. Nightqueen are a powerhouse band that should see big things in their future. It’s classic metal through and through, but with a new twist on that classic sound that’s refreshing in a sea of mediocrity.


Written by Chris

Ratings    Chris    8/10


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