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Desaster – The Arts of Destruction Review

Released by: Metal Blade Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Thrash Black Metal



Line Up:

Tormentor – Sodomized Drum- Chaos & Double Cannonfire

Infernal – Six Silverstrings of Hellish- Crossfire

Odin – Roaring Four String Battle- Axe

Sataniac – Spells of War and Vengeance



1. Intro

2. The Arts Of Destruction

3. Lacerate With Hands Of Doom

4. Splendour Of The Idols

5. Phantom Funeral

6. Queens Of Sodomy

7. At Hell’s Horizon

8. Troops Of Heathens – Graves Of Saints

9. Possessed And Defiled

10.Beyond Your Grace



From the very bowels of Hell via Koblenz Germany in 1988, the band Desaster came into being. Twenty-four years later, the band could be on the cusp of dominance in the heavy metal world. With their new album The Arts Of Destruction out now, they very well could become a household name. It just depends if the fans of extreme metal are prepared for what they have to offer.

Combining black metal blast beats, guttural vocals, and thrash riffs, Desaster creates a sound metal fans will salivate for. Named for the Destruction classic Total Desaster, musically they have tons of chunky riffs like the aforementioned thrash masters, but done in a way that fans of Vital Remains and Goatwhore will have a deep appreciation of. The only remaining original member is guitarist Infernal. His playing is definitely what sets them apart. In a genre that tends to be fairly derivative and redundant, his riffs beef up the songs. Without what he does, I’m not sure Desaster would necessarily make that big an impact.

Vocalist Sataniac adds a level of heaviness to the music. As I have stated before, it’s the vocals in extreme metal that puts me off of being a raving fan. Though his voice teeters close to what I typically try to avoid, he tosses in enough inflection change to keep me interested. Not being at all familiar with any of their previous recordings, I can’t make any true comparisons as to whether his voice makes a significant impact on the songs, but luckily enough it adds enough to allow me to give it a pass.

Adding Odin (bass) and Tormentor (drums) to the mix creates a solid backbone for Desaster. Both are able to provide Infernal enough space to add layers to the sound. Each song flows into the other seamlessly, setting different textures for the listener. From furiously fast rhythms to dark satanic overtones, the band sets the perfect soundtrack for a leisure Sunday drive through Hell.

Standout tracks for me are “Splendour Of The Idols,” “Graves Of Saints,” “Phantom Funeral,” and “Queens Of Sodomy,” but there truly isn’t a bad track on this album. Unless you don’t like this particular style of music, then you will find it to be horrible. Personally, I enjoy the album very much. It makes me want to go back and check out more of their material. Something just connected for me with this album. If you’re at all a fan of this kind of music, I would highly recommend Desaster’s The Arts Of Destruction.


Written by Chris

Ratings    Chris    8/10

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