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Dissona – Dissona Review

Released By : Self-Released

Genre : Modern Progressive Metal

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Dave Dubenic – Vocals

Matt Motto – Guitar

Logan Wright – Keyboard, Guitar

Craig Hamburger – Bass

Drew Goddard – Drums, Percussion



01. Inverted Swarm

02. Fiction

03. Nest

04. Interlude I

05. Inversion

06. Avella

07. Eccentress

08. Fawn

09. Chrysalis

10. Interlude II

11. Lapse Into Hysteria

12. Illumination

13. Garden Of Rust


As a writer for My Global Mind, I get to listen to truckloads of new music each and every week of the year. One thing we try to do here that a lot of other rock and metal publications is be more to open to communication with unsigned bands. That’s not to say that if we get something sent to us that’s shit we won’t tell you it’s shit…We’ll just do it in a slightly nicer way than some.  The benefit of this format though comes in those rare moments where an unsigned band blows us away.  Take for example this recently released debut album from DISSONA, with a band name that reminds me of modern radio rock and an album cover that fails to ignite my interest, it’s safe to say that if I wasn’t a music reviewer this one would have slipped right by me without nary a glance.
So how glad am I that I spent some time with this album? Very fuggen glad! Seriously though, DISSONA is one of the best unsigned bands I have heard in a long time and this album is a truly fantastic example of a band that is ready for the big time. DISSONA base their sound in the progressive metal mold, with a little bit of power metal, some slight symphonic elements and more melody than you could possible ever need. There’s also a modern element to the whole thing with some death metal influence and a goth rock tinge that will help it be relevant to today’s music market. Maybe the best compliment I can give the band though is that they really don’t sound like anything else going around at the moment.  Sure at times I’m reminded of SYMPHONY X, then EPICA, then BLIND GUARDIAN, then VOYAGER and even a bit of the latest IRON FIRE release, but as an overall sound, DISSONA are doing something pretty unique, refreshing and exciting.
While progressive in it’s nature, the band seemingly don’t feel the need to go on fifteen minute journeys to get their stories across, and there is no moment in this disc where it slows sown for too long or goes off on too wild of tangent. Everything is cohesive and melodically balanced while still being interesting and intense.

Highlights for me personally where FAWN, LAPSE INTO HYSTERIA, FICTION and most of all IMMERSION, a great track with a symphonic back bone and some great emotion filled gothic sounding vocals. But truly, this is one of those albums where everybody will have different favorites and not a second of the running time is wasted with filler.  It’s ridiculous to think that a band as good as DISSONA are yet to gather the interest of a decent label, but if this debut is anything to go by then surely it’s only a matter of time. Do yourself a favor and get on this band now before everybody starts talking about them.


Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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  1. holy shit this is amazing. are these guys on a bigger label yet? no way its been this long without someone picking them up.


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