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Cyanide Scream – Unfinished Business Review

Released By : Killer Metal Records

Genre : Traditional Heavy Metal

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Steve Cone – Guitars, Vocals

Erik Fehrenback – Drums

Lou Bergeron – Bass



01. Now Or Never

02. Already Gone

03. Death From Above

04. Let You Go

05. Eaten Alive

06. On And On

07. What I Am

08. Left Behind

09. The Story Of My Life

10. Not A Word Is Spoken

11. We Must Be Strong

12. Round And Round

13. Undone

14. Right Through The Heart


Though from a distance it may seem that CYANIDE SCREAM are a new group, the reality is that’s not exactly true. Okay so it’s the first actual release under the CYANIDE SCREAM moniker, but chief songwriter, guitarist and vocalist Steve Cone has been releasing his music for years now under different names and this is just yet another extension of that. It may be tempting to believe that it’s different this time around, but the fact is not only is this yet another vehicle for Cone to do his thing, the entire UNFINISHED BUSINESS album is actually a re-recording of an album of the same name, with the same songs, originally released under the Steve Cone header back in 2009.

Musically it’s traditional influenced heavy metal all the way, with little touches of European Power Metal and also the occasional nod to the sounds of the NWOBHM. Steve Cone has been writing music in this style for a long time now and it’s clear that he knows what he is doing, the vocals have all of this cool little touches you would expect from a release with such an eighties background.  Some of them come off better than others, but overall it’s a good vocal contribution. The guitar work is pretty good too, but the riffing does get a little repetitive in places…not enough to make the album boring, but enough to notice it if you’re listening for it.

In my opinion, Steve Cone should have written a fresh bunch of songs with the new guys he has recruited for his band and gone about things that way. I think re-recording and re-releasing the same album as three years before just seems lazy, which is odd because Cone would surely be one of the least laziest musicians I have ever heard of. Hopefully there’s enough interest in this to encourage the group to write some fresh material…Then we have a proper chance to see what CYANIDE SCREAM are capable of.


Written By ZeeZee

Rating 6/10

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