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Wykked Wytch – The Ultimate Deception Review

Released by: Goomba Music

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Black Metal/Gothic Metal



Line Up:

Ipek – Vocals

Nate – Lead Guitars

Kenny – Bass

Salvatore – Keyboards

Steve – Drums



1. Birthing the Beast

2. The Ultimate Deception

3. Serpents Among Us

4. Despised Existence

5. Prayers of the Decapitated

6. When the Sleepers Rise

7. Ecstasy

8. Fade to Black (Metallica cover)

9. Abolish the Weak

10. Eyes of a Vulture


Wykked Wytch will scare the crap out of you if you’re not prepared for their particular brand of Extreme metal. Brutal, intense, heavy, and powerful are just a handful of words I could use to describe what they do. Fronted by Ipek, a female vocalist that has made a name for herself over the years, their fifth full length release The Ultimate Deception has been released on Goomba Music, and are set to destroy the metal scene.

This album pretty much has everything any self-respecting fan of aggressive music could ask for: guttural vocals, blisteringly fast drums, and soaring guitar riffs. I had suspected that this would not be my idea of a good release, but I was pretty shocked I liked it as much as I did. Sure, the vocals take some getting used to, but the songs are too interesting not to be into. With tracks like “Serpents Among Us,” “Prayers Of The Decapitated,” and “Abolish The Weak,” you’ve got a collection of songs that create one of the best Extreme releases this year so far. And that’s saying a lot with incredible releases from Goatwhore and Cannibal Corpse being the best material both have released thus far.

As if this weren’t enough, they do an incredible cover of the Metallica classic “Fade To Black.” I have to admit when the track started I was shocked. This was the last thing I would’ve expected to hear on such a brutally heavy album. Initially I was planning on ravaging them for doing such a predictable cover. It opens fairly standard to the original, but then it gets completely savage. The song itself is dark and haunting, but their interpretation gives it a newer twist. It takes one of the most recognizable tracks by the most popular metal band likely of all time, and just brutalizes it. However, Ipek shows that she can actually sing some, doing the verses fairly faithful, though giving the lyrics and vocals more balls.

I found this to be an awesome album to check out…until “Eyes Of A Vulture.” Luckily it was the very last song, as this is one of the worst songs I’ve heard in a long time. In a perfect world, this song wouldn’t exist. I typically want the final track of an album to either make me so excited about what I have just heard that I listen to the album again or I’m clamoring for more and more. “Eyes Of A Vulture” damn near killed my joy of The Ultimate Deception. Next time I’ll just make sure I’m ready to skip it. Taking that in consideration, I will give Wykked Wytch’s The Ultimate Deception 7 out of 10. Could’ve been one higher, but I felt like I had to remove one point at least with disappointing me with that final track.


Written by Chris

Ratings    Chris    7/10

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