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Blatant Disarray – Everyone Dies Alone Review

Released by: Tribunal Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Thrash Metal



Line Up:

Mike Schaefer – Guitar, Vocals

Ryan Johnson – Lead Guitar

Tim Worrell – Drums

Patrick Strickland – Bass



01 Undetermined

02 Down & Out

03 Question

04 End

05 Faithless

06 Pathetic

07 A Righteous Rant

08 Eye Fortune

09 Hourglass

10 Everyone Dies Alone


Living in North Carolina, I had no idea there was such a fertile ground for the metal scene. Having played in bands around the area many moons ago, I knew there was a good scene, but apparently once I removed myself from it, it certainly blossomed. Forming in Raleigh in 1999, Blatant Disarray has created a unique sound in the thrash realm that is truly refreshing. With their new release on Tribunal Records called Everyone Dies Alone, the music is strong enough to really take them places.

What caught my ear initially was the perfect meshing of old school thrash riffs melding with progressive metal sensibilities. The fact that both styles happen to be two of my absolute favorites I couldn’t believe how easy they came together, and that Blatant Disarray did it so well. They’ve taken the best parts of Testament, Metallica, and Megadeth and added complex arrangements to create a sound all their own which are precisely what young bands should do every chance they get to keep the scene fresh.

Mike Schaefer and Ryan Johnson drive the songs with their heavy riffs filled with a smooth aggression, complex solos that break the mold and do their own thing. They shred, yet the notes are tasteful and add to the song as opposed to showing off. Schaefer’s voice is like a cross between Chuck Billy and James Hetfield, without sounding exactly like either. Songs like “Hourglass,” “A Righteous Rant,” “Everyone Dies Alone,” and “End” stood out to me. They’re full of great riffs, incredible drumming provided by Tim Worrell, the guitars mixed with Patrick Strickland’s bass work and the gripping lyrics combine to allow Blatant Disarray to grab the listener by their ears and draw them in with their fantastic sound. Listening to Everyone Dies Alone I felt like I was let in on a big secret, and I hope others get the opportunity to check this band out and be in on it.


Written by Chris

Ratings    Chris    8/10

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