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Rizon – Masquerade Review

Released by: Pure Steel Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Heavy Metal



Line Up:

Matthias Götz, Vocals

Seraina Telli, Vocals

Christian Götz, Guitar

Mark Wietlisbach, Guitar

Marco Küderli, Keyboards

Jim Dodd, Bass

Tom Lindegger, Drums



1. High Flyer

2. Sigh From Eternity

3. Masquerade

4. Tears of the Sun

5. Remotion

6. Same Same

7. Rise On

8. El Dios

9. Out of Nowhere

10. Cold Winters Night

11. Time After Time

12. Lost In Silence

13. Bells


Rizon means “rise on a higher lever.” Very inspiring words for a band with aspirations of making it. Rizon are a fairly standard power metal band, so I’m not sure if they’ll manage to do that.

One thing that does set them apart from most other bands of this genre is the fact of having a male and female singer. I’d probably like it a lot more if it was only the female voice. Seraina Telli’s vocals are powerful and beautiful, whereas Matthias Götz voice isn’t bad per se, it’s just not very unique beyond having a (laugh if you will) almost pirate quality to it. It just didn’t appeal to me.

Musically, other than little bits and pieces, it’s exactly what one would expect from a power metal band. Again, it’s not bad, just not something that gets me excited to check out. There are a few songs that kind of stood out like “Same Same,” “Cold Winter’s Night,” “Time After Time,” and “Bells.” They all had moments and showed potential of what they could possibly do, yet they stayed within the cookie cutter confines of the typical. That’s relatively disappointing. I don’t hate the album at all, just wish it had taken more risks and set itself apart more from the pack.

If you’re looking for something a bit unique in the power metal realm, beyond the voice of Seraina Telli, then Rizon’s Pure Steel release Masquerade is not the album you’re looking for. If you want some straight forward power metal with good songs and a nice sound, then perhaps this is what you’re looking for.


Written by Chris

Ratings    Chris    6/10

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