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Firewind – Few Against Many Review

Released by: Century Media Records

Release Date: May 22nd, 2012

Genre: Melodic Metal



Line Up:

Apollo Papathanasio- Vocals

Gus G. – Guitars

Petros Christo – Bass

Bob Katsionis – Keyboards, additional Guitars

Jo Nunez – Drums



1. Wall Of Sound

2. Losing My Mind

3. Few Against Many

4. The Undying Fire

5. Another Dimension

6. Glorious

7. Edge Of A Dream (Feat. Apocalyptica)

8. Destiny

9. Long Gone Tomorrow

10. No Heroes, No Sinners


Is a little difficult to say anything bad about the Greek Melodic Metallers Firewind. By this point in their career they are feeling very comfortable in the style of metal they are playing and it shows in their 7th studio album “Few Against Many”. Led by the treacherous shred arrangements of Gus G incredible guitar playing and wails, and by lead singer Apollo Papathanasio, the guys return to shape shortly thereafter their last record “Days of Defiance”. With Gus’s touring duties in Ozzy’s band I’m surprise he still has time to work on his own solo stuff, but for anyone that knows the man personally you know Firewind is his baby, something he grew from nothing up to this point and there’s not much that he puts more effort into then Firewind.

As a fan of the band dating back towards the “Burning Earth” days, I expect to find some unique guitar power driven solos, with a meticulous attention to the overall melody which is something that Firewind has always been great at. If you wanted much change in style you’re not going to find it here, as Gus G and company stick with what they have crafted best.

The opening tune “Wall of Sound” is a prototypical Firewind song with a churner of an opening lead and later dwelling into this sick hell fire chunky groove, pretty hard song . The up tempo predominant riff in “Losing My Mind” is a little updated and sounds a bit too modern, but overall is not too bad as the chorus makes it a worthwhile listen. One of the strongest cuts on the record is “The Undying Fire” with it’s melodic backbone adding a new flair of ingenuity to the record, and the guitars once more flow with conviction alongside the ever uplifting chorus lines.

Every time I hear a song about “dimensions” I can’t stop but to think about Pagan’s Mind the progressive metal giants, the chorus in this one tune here “Another Dimension” sounds like a song off PM’s catalog, a haunting touch to an intriguing number. The duet with Apocalyptica on the power ballad “Edge of Dreams’ is hauntingly well done, added caveat is a touching guitar solo by Gus  for an added melancholy ethereal feel. The rest of the repertoire follow the same vain of style and tour de force as the beginning of the album.

Like I alluded to earlier, is really hard to knock down Firewind here as they feel comfortable in this style of play and I don’t have a problem with it as their back catalog is justifiably strong. I would love a couple of different sounding tunes and more stuff similar to the “Allegiance” era, but overall is not far too distant from what these guys have been doing all along, hard to believe is been that long now. The sound has evolved a bit and sounds a bit modern in spots, but not enough to submerse the overall tempo of the songs. At the end of the day the backbone of the band is Gus and his intrinsic guitar playing, alongside Apollo’s vocal range. See even when I try to say something negative I can’t, just simply because they are Firewind in every sense of the word.


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    7/10

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2 thoughts on “Firewind – Few Against Many Review

  1. Few agains many is their 7th album not their 8th like you said in the review. BHAH ,BE, FBF, Allegiance, the Premonition, DOD and Few Agains Many makes 7 albums. Nocturnal Symphony was a demo album so thats maybe where you made the mistake with

    1. Thanks I was counting their EP as 8th. Technically yes is only 7th studio albums….. Corrected on the article.


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