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Lord Of Mushrooms Perspectives Review

Released by: Lion Music

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Progressive Metal



Line Up:

Gus Monsanto – Vocals

Laurent James – Guitars, vocals

Luca Mariotti – Keyboards, vocals

Julien Negro – Bass, vocals

Marco Talevi – Drums



1. Imago

2. Warmth in the Wilderness

3. Grace (Dedicated to…)

4. Circles on the Water

5. The Missing Link

6. Red Queen’s Race

7. Light and Thunder

8. Raindrops on My Wings

9. Nyx’s Robe

10. Awaken


When I sat down to write the review of Lord of Mushroom’s third album Perspectives, I almost didn’t. I noticed that it had been released towards the end of February and I wasn’t sure if it was worth it to review an album that has been out as long as it has. Before I made my final decision I decided to listen to the album again. I freely admit, I have listened to and reviewed a whole lot of albums (some that haven’t been posted yet) so after a while some bands start running together. Once I hit play I realized why it was important for me to talk about this band.

Released by Lion Records, Lord of Mushrooms is an ethereal prog rock band with some heavy tendencies. There are moments on this album that simply leave me breathless. Dreamy and trance-like at times then up-tempo and chaotic at others, LoM are in the same vein as prog giants Spocks Beard then other times they’re akin to the mellow moments of Dream Theater. The musical prowess of this band knows no bounds. Intricate songs like “Red Queen’s Race,” spacey songs like “The Missing Link,” and the driving syncopation of “Raindrops On My Wings” propelled me to other worlds and opened my mind to new musical experiences.

The progressive music scene is at its peak with so many differing bands falling into this category, yet none sounding like the other. A release like Perspectives is why I am a fan of progressive music. As if the vocals of Gustavo “Gus” Monsanto and the spectacular guitar work of Laurent James weren’t enough, but with the spot on drums of Marco Talevi, the moving bass work of Julien Negro, and the mood enhancing keyboards of Luca Mariotti combine to create a sound all their own. I can’t believe I was getting ready to not write this review!


Written by Chris

Ratings    Chris    8/10

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