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Shadowside – Inner Monster Out Review

Released by: Inner Wound Recordings

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Heavy Metal



Line Up:

Dani Nolden (vocals)

Raphael Mattos (guitars)

Ricardo Piccoli (bass)

Fabio Buitvidas (drums)



01. Gag Order

02. Angel with Horns

03. Habitchual

04. In the Name of Love

05. Inner Monster Out (feat. Björn “Speed” Strid, Mikael Stanne, Niklas Isfeldt)

06. I’m Your Mind

07. My Disrupted Reality

08. A Smile Upon Death

09. Whatever Our Fortune

10. A.D.D.

11. Waste of Life


I truly have a wonderful girlfriend. For my recent birthday (the big 4-0,) she surprised me with something I really had little use for until the last month or so when I started writing reviews for My Global Mind- an MP3 player. Prior to this new “job” I was pretty much satisfied with my CD’s of MP3’s I carried in my car, as that was essentially the only time I ever really listened to music. Now that I have so much music to listen to in order to write my reviews, having this simple little gadget has made my life a lot more entertained. Thank you baby!

So I’m out mowing the grass with my brand new player loaded up with tons of albums I’m needing to check out to see if I’m interested in writing about it when I come across an interesting band called Shadowside. I’m not a big fan of more modern sounding hard rock/metal. Shadowside definitely has a more modern sound working for them, however unlike most of the other bands of this genre; they actually rock, and rock hard. The band has a definite American sound to them, despite the fact that they’re from Brazil. Fronted by powerhouse singer Dani Nolden they’re not your typical female fronted rock band. It’s not just the heaviness of the music, but it’s the whole feel of the music. I like how they have taken the modern metal sound, yet they sprinkle tons of aspects of classic metal, especially with the amazing guitar work of Raphael Mattos. It’s all brought together by the sonic propulsion of the rhythm section of Fabio Buitvidas on drums and Ricardo Piccoli on bass. On their third album Inner Monster Out they play with such passion. “My Disrupted Reality,” “Angel With Horns,” and “Waste Of Life” exemplify what makes Shadowside such a great band: catchy riffs, powerhouse drums, gritty vocals, and a heavy groove combine to create their sound. They also do an awesome cover of the Motorhead classic “Ace Of Spades.”

If you’re a fan of bands like Sevendust and Halestorm, but looking for something slightly heavier, then Shadowside would be an excellent band to check out. If I had to make any complaint about Inner Monster Out it would be that at times it has a tendency to be a bit redundant, but beyond that it truly is an album worth a few spins.


Written by Chris

Ratings    Chris    7/10

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