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Fatal Smile – 21st Century Freaks Review

Released by: GMR Music Group

Release Date: May 14th, 2012

Genre: Sleaze/Hard Rock



 Line Up:

MR. Y – Guitars

Blade -Vocals

Alx – Bass

Philty – Drums



01. Welcome To The Freakshow

02. Nailed To The Wall

03. Raisning Hell In Heaven

04. Judgement Day

05. Broken Heart

06. My Private Hell

07. Scarecrow

08. Innocent

09. Break This Chains

10. Take It To The Limit

11. For The Last In Line


First and foremost let me warn you ahead of time, theyre will be some nasty words used in this review and why you may ask? Is fucking Fatal Smile that’s why. Talk about some crazy sons of bitches, not only are the Swedish gun and barrel sleaze/glam/Hard Rock outfit as crazy as they come with they’re “freaks” image and intense live shows, but these dudes can rock the shit out of a crowd and that’s a fact!!!

They wear they’re black belt sleaze attitude in their make up as much as they’re excellent musicianship. The band was started by their guitar player Mr Y, who after 2007 completely changed the entire line up and introduced us to a whole new breed of “freaks”. I say it’s worked out pretty well for Fatal Smile. After some critical appraise from the music scene on their last release “World Domination”, they landed on touring spots all over the globe and had a chance to tour with legends like Dio, Queensryche, Wasp and many more. And if you ask any of these bands about the Freaks, they won’t shy away about their bleeping crazy live shows, full on intensity with an emphasis on kicking your ass. Who wouldn’t love a band like this? Ohh yeah and they’re from Sweden which translates to the best kept Glam/Sleaze/Hard Rock bands that you probably need to check out. If you don’t know about em then where the hell have you been the last 5 years or so?

They spent 2011 recording their 4th album “21ST CENTURY FREAKS  and with this devilish offering they bring us the careful production that is evident, the stylistic imagery on their first video single “Welcome to the Freakshow” as well as they’re bombs away rhythm section, and that’s not even counting they’re charismatic guitar player and band leader, you have quite a top notch Hard Rock record from top to bottom that SHOULD make waves.

The freaks come out at night

Welcome to the freak show is an explosive slab of sleaze/glam/industrial blend, lead singer Blade’s voice is as evil and brooding as I’ll get out and the thick guitars of Mr Y are delusional and dark as hell. “Raising Hell in Heaven” is an instant kick starter featuring some sick guitar thumping ala old school Wasp, not a surprise some people in the media circles have compared the band to them before. Everyone knows I dig a little diversity in an album, and Fatal Smile does just that with a sharp sounding power ballad titled “Broken Heart” featuring some rising vocals brought to you by Blade once more. The ball keeps rolling with ball and chain on the anthem laden “My Private Hell”, first thing that comes to mind on this tune is that it could of made a hell of soundtrack song for a Rob Zombie horror flix, are you reading this Rob?

These freaks sure know how to put on a great show, forget their brooding, balls out sleaze monster shows image, and just put your guard down as these guys will blow away some folks. I  wasn’t really shocked when I heard this new record as I expected some strong material with more experience under they’re belts, but they have made an excellent improvement from the last two records. I love the intensity, the blend of powerful ballads, the soaring gutted vocals of Blade and the implosion of power of the rhytm section just takes flight with a menacing push. The production is bloody crisp and strong as hell. Hell of an album (no pun intended) that will surely land on my toplist of the year, and we’re not even half way done yet? Seal, lathered and approved with a “shock” seal of approval. Enough said!!!


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    9/10

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  1. Hail Fatal Smile !

    I believe World Domination still has legs to it, don’t sell it short.


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