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George Lynch – Legacy EP Review

Released by: Rat Pak Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Instrumental Hard Rock



Line Up:

George Lynch: Guitars

Rev Jones: Bass

Michael Frowen: Drums



01. Blood Drive

02. Circulo Del Fuego

03. Invoid

04. The Road Ahead


George Lynch has been one of the greatest guitar pillars of our time, as far as I’m concerned his aggressive and stylistic guitar shredding style set him apart from the “many” guitar shredding clones during the 80’s. Yes we all know him for his work in Dokken and being an intricate member during the hey days for Don and company, you may also recall his own band Lynch Mob and the records he released in the 90’s after what was more then a few confrontations and high rise tensions arose between Don Dokken and himself, consequently forcing Lynch to leave the band and pursue his own solo avenues. All was not lost because Lynch Mob created their own success, but after parting ways for some time, they decided to reunite once more for “Smoke and Mirror” after the epic FAIL that was “Smoke This” and a not so worthwhile Dokken revisited in “Revolution”.

I have to state that I have always been a huge fan of Lynch and have followed his solo career despite the nasty Dokken feud, to his Lynch Mob records, as well as his instrumental stuff they have all added a touch of Mr Scary to his aerodynamic guitar style, for me he is to this day one of the reigning eloquent shred masters out there. After the well received “Smoke and Mirrors” album by Lynch Mob, they announced not that along ago that they would be back with a new album at some point in 2012. In the meantime George decided to wet the appetite of his guitar aficionados and record 4 new instrumental tunes in this EP package called “Legacy” released through Rat Pak Records, the label which will also be releasing the new Lynch Mob album.

What you have here is classic Mr Scary breaking into the mold of his typical high octane guitar shredding style, something he has mastered so well over the years. The opening tune “Blood Drive” has a nice kick with George taking the forefront on this high powered instrumental that clearly makes me very nostalgic about Mr Lynch and his former band……okay I’ll stop dreaming let’s move on. The Spanish titled “Circulo del Fuego” meaning Circle of Fire is a hot trailblazing riff fest in which Scary does his best to freak you out with a loud bang. I think we get the picture here as we move into the last 2 tunes “Invoid and The Road Ahead” who both finish the record in fine fashion. Although the guitars are evidently center stage, the drums on some of these tracks sound like somebody is hitting a tin can, I know is an instrumental piece but my only complaint, jeez.

I seriously doubt anybody will be surprise here to listen to this joint, Lynch is a phenomenal guitar player, not only in style but his technique has always had a certain tone that makes songs memorable.  This is a nice piece for Lynch fanatics, and a nice memento for the build up of the new Lynch Mob this summer. Is nice to hear new material from Mr Scary as he still proves he got what it takes to play the fret, but we all knew this already. Bring on the new material and hope this time around they keep the momentum going strong from the last Lynch Mob. The new Mob will include Oni Logan, Mick Brown, and Jeff Pilson and it will be called “I Am Weapon”.


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    7/10

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One thought on “George Lynch – Legacy EP Review

  1. The EP is rockin’ and the drummer is Michael Frowein who played on the Lynch-Pilson release which is awesome as well. His first band was/is JET RED which also features some meaty guitar riffs and rockin’ vocals. Check it out. The bass player is Brad Lang who is not the Y&T bass player.


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