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Huntress – Spell Eater Review

Released By : Napalm Records

Genre : Heavy Metal

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Jill Janus – Vocals

Blake Meahl – Guitars

Ian Alden – Guitars

Carl Wierzbicky – Drums

Eric Harris – Bass



01. Spell Eater

02. Senecide

03. Sleep And Death

04. Snow Witch

05. Eight Of Swords

06. Aradia

07. Night Rape

08. Children

09. Terror

10. The Tower

11. The Dark


My first thoughts when I began looking upon the promo material that accompanied this new disc from HUNTRESS went a little something like this…  ” Oh great…. Another so called metal band with a sultry blonde front woman that will likely sound average but will escape criticism due to the lady on the mic.”.  I think that this was a fair enough assumption because there has been a ridiculous amount of female-fronted bands lately getting by on the look of their vocalist rather than their ability to write good music. It’s fair to say that most female vocalist seem to sound the same these days too, further rendering new bands as unwanted and in the way.     But hang on a second….. I’ve been listening to this disc for a few days now and I have to admit that it is one that is absolutely the exception to the rule.

Why?, you ask… Well firstly these guys really can pen a great tune. Mixing classic metal with some power metal and a bit of NWOBHM, and luckily for us resisting the temptation to add any gothic or symphonic undertones. Just pure fist-pumping, head-banging HEAVY FUCKEN METAL!!!  The other reason this record succeeds is because holy crap this chick can sing! Jill’s vocal style has a very classic metal feel to it, with an occasional banshee wail and even a few slight instances where she ups the aggro level and gives off a near black metal vibe, which fits it better than you may think initially. Lyrically the album has a real occult feel to it, not too far away from some of the early Black Sabbath material, and while it may be laid on a little bit thick at times for the casual observer it sure is fun to read along with.

HUNTRESS have accomplished something a little special here with SPELL EATER, and I think in all fairness they have the right sound to escape the ‘female-fronted metal’ tag and just be classed as a great classic sounding metal band that just happen to have a blonde bombshell leading the pack. So far this release has seemed to fly under the radar a little, maybe it’s time a few of you guys went and checked this one out… it offers plenty and is definitely worth the time.


Written By ZeeZee

Ratings    Zeezee    7/10

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