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Wig Wam – Wall Street Review

Released By : Frontiers Records

Genre : Melodic Rock

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Glam – Vocals

Teeny – Guitars

Sporty – Drums

Flash – Bass



01. Wall Street

02. OMG! (I Wish I Had A Gun)

03. Victory Is Sweet

04. The Bigger The Better

05. Bleeding Daylight

06. Tides Will Turn

07. Wrong Can Feel So Right

08. One Million Enemies

09. Try My Body On

10. Natural High

11. Things Money Can’t Buy


Since the very second that WIG WAM broke their way into the worldwide hard rock scene, the one thing that was clear above anything else was that this was a band that wanted to do things a little differently from the norm. While their first couple of albums focused more on the cheesy side of glam/sleeze rock, their previous release from 2010, CAN’T STOP ROCK ‘n ROLL surprised everybody by dropping some of the cheese and focusing more on a straight-up guitar riff heavy melodic rock sound. Songs on that album like DO YA WANNA TASTE IT?, WILD ONE and the title track made that record one of the best releases of it’s year and ensured that there would be a great anticipation to see what they would come up with next.

Well, once again WALL STREET is a different beast to anything the band has done previously and while some elements of the album work well, overall it just feels as though the band have come too far away from what made them great and have possibly over-reached this time around. As was the vibe of the previous disc, WALL STREET has nary a glimpse of glam of sleeze and as a more matured melodic rock sound with an element of modernism thrown in too. There’s also an interesting politically conscious and serious undertone, mainly through the lyric content, which sees this album being more comparable to say a PRETTY MAIDS record or something like that.   Herein lies the main problem though, too much seriousness and not enough fun certainly doesn’t seem to suit the band very well.

Some of the tunes here work well enough, for example THE BIGGER THE BETTER, which still follows the theme of the album but remembers to be fun at the same time. TIDES WILL TURN is a very nice acoustic based tune and TRY MY BODY ON is about the closest to the band’s trademark sound on the entire disc.  Apart from that though there’s really not a whole lot to get excited about.   The lyrics throughout the disc don’t really suit this type of music and unless your PRETTY MAIDS, it’s not even worth trying to pull it off. This could have probably been a little more forgiven if the album fired musically, but unfortunately that really isn’t the case here.  The riffs don’t seem as epic as the band’s previous album and the inclusion of a more modern touch gives a lot of these tunes a very bland and flat feel.

WALL STREET isn’t a terrible album, and I’m sure it will find a fan base. But, it is clearly the weakest output from WIG WAM so far. Approach it with caution and you may find a few keepers here…


Written by Zeezee

Ratings    Zeezee    6/10

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