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Axxis – ReDISCOver(ed) Review

Released By: Phonotraxx Publishing

Genre : Power Metal, Melodic Metal

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Bernhard Weib – Vocals

Harry Oellers – Keys

Rob Schomaker – Bass

Dirk Brand – Drums

Marco Wriedt – Guitars



01. Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Original – YES)

02. Ma Baker (Original – BONEY M)

03. Stayin’ Alive (Original – BEE GEE’S)

04. Roboter (Original – KRAFTWERK)

05. White Wedding (Original – BILLY IDOL)

06. Another Day In Paradise (Original – PHIL COLLINS)

07. Message In A Bottle (Original – THE POLICE)

08. Locomotive Breath (Original – JETHRO TULL)

09. Life Is Life – (Original – OPUS)

10. Somebody To Love (Original – JEFFERSON AIRPLANE)

11. Don’t Bring Me Down (Original – E.L.O)

12. My Heart Will Go On (Original – CELINE DION)

13. I Was Made For Lovin’ You (Original – KISS)


Cover songs and Power Metal bands have always seemed to have had a healthy relationship. I’m not sure if anybody can remember but a few years ago there a was a bootleg series of albums that featured all of the planets biggest Power Metal bands doing cover tunes and think that got up to volume eighty or something like that, which is truly a ridiculous number.  Of course for every good cover song we’ve had, there’s been two or three that are absolute shite, which beggars the question…can one Power Metal succeed at doing a full album of cover songs?…

It’s a bit hard to answer that question with this release though ans AXXIS have opted to stray away from the typically covered songs mostly and have instead tried something different by including covers of tunes from artists like PHIL COLLINS, BEE GEES, BONEY M, YES and E.L.O among others. Some tracks work pretty well, for example the BEE GEES hit STAYIN’ ALIVE, which suits the higher pitched vocal style of AXXIS frontman Bernhard Weib, LIFE IS LIFE from Austrian hit-makers OPUS and oddly enough the band’s version of E.L.O track DON’T BRING ME DOWN is fantastic.

Otherwise though there are more spuds than gems, with tunes like ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE and MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE really exposing Weib’s range. THere’s also versions of WHITE WEDDING and I WAS MADE FOR LOVING YOU, both of which we surely, surely don’t need yet another version of. THen the sin of all sins…..A cover of MY HEART WILL GO ON, yup that’s right, the Titanic song. Not even adding some decent guitar work can save this sap-fest from being one of the worst songs of all time and nobody need to hear this song any more at all.

Though there is a couple of enjoyable versions on this album, all in all I’d have to say that REDISCOVERED is a flop. If the band felt they wanted to record some cover tracks it would have been more of a benefit to us as listeners to discover a few of those on E.P’s and compilation albums. All of these tracks together is too hard to stomach and aside from adding DON’T BRING ME DOWN into my regular rotation there’s nothing else here worth revisiting now that this review is complete.


Written by Zeezee

Ratings    Zeezee    5/10

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