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InVertigo – Veritas Review

Released By : Progressive Promotions

Genre : Progressive Rock, Neo-Prog

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Sebastian Brennert – Vocals, Keys

Matthias Hommel – Bass

Carsten Dannert – Drums

Jaques Moch – Guitars

Michael Kuchenbecker – Keys



01. Darkness

02. Lullaby

03. Waves

04. Dr. Ho

05. Suspicion

06. Truth

07. Memoirs Of A Mayfly


INVERTIGO’S 2010 debut album NEXT STOP VERTIGO was one of those records that truly took me by surprise when I first heard it. Their blend of classic neo-prog with a more modern rock sound was something that just worked very well on that album and it’s one I have gone back to revisit a few times over the last year and a bit. I was very happy to find a copy of the band’s new album VERITAS waiting for me when I got home a couple of weeks ago, but also very hesitant, as I really didn’t want this album to be anything less than amazing.

Well after rotating it through my listening sessions for a while now I am happy to say that VERITAS is an absolute brilliant album in every which way that matters and with two stunning albums in a row now it’s about time the world began seeing INVERTIGO in as high a light as myself. Similarly to the previous album the band’s sound is a great mix of neo-prog acts like MARILLION, PENDRAGON and IT BITES with some more traditional prog influences like PINK FLOYD, YES and GENESIS, all wrapped up with an ever so slight modern tinge. What helps to set them apart though is the fact that they still clearly rate melody as a more important factor that flashy instrumentation, so while there’s definitely plenty of odd time signatures and some really virtuoistic musical passages, each song still remains catchy, logical and very, very melodic.

The highlights here are the two long tracks, the thirteen minute SUSPICION and the twenty-one minute opus MEMOIRS OF A MAYFLY, the latter being equal to the quality of any single neo-pro song released in the last decade or so for sure. There’s also one other track that deserves to be mentioned separate to the rest and that is the oddball track DR. HO.   Lyrically this song is about a rapidly balding man being ripped off by television commercials claiming to be able help regrow lost hair. Now if that’s not odd enough, musically the band add some DEEP PURPLE style Hammond organ, then mix it together with a intro that’s a shout-out to ELO, and verses that recall SURVIVOR and JOHN FARNHAM, but somehow INVERTIGO still manage to make this potential mess work. It’s not only listenable, it’s actually one of the most enjoyable aspects of the record.

Once again INVERTIGO have managed to totally impress me, and as far as I’m concerned these guys are now in the top tier of modern day neo-prog acts. VERITAS is a very enjoyable album from cover to cover and should easily please any fans of the progressive style of music. Those that also have a soft spot for the more art-rock side of things like MARILLION and PENDRAGON are in for a real treat here too.


Written by Zeezee

Ratings    Zeezee    9/10

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