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Jaded Heart – Common Destiny Review

Released by: Fastball Music

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Melodic Metal



Line Up:

Johan Fahlberg (vocals)

Peter Oestros (guitar)

Michael Muller (bass)

Axel Kruse (drums)



1. With You

2. Saints Denied

3. Into Tears

4. Buried Alive

5 .I Believe

6. Run And Hide

7. Are We Mental

8. My Destiny

9. No More Lies

10. Life Is Beautiful

11. Higher

12. Fire And Flames


Where to even start with Jaded Heart, let me preface this by admitting I was a huge Jaded Heart fan since their beginnings and most notably during the time frame where front man Michael Bormann was still with the band from early 90’s till 2004 when he was ousted out, wait he was fired by the band. I don’t necessarily agree with the way things happen in this ordeal, but I’m not one to bash anybody so whatever happened and both parties moved on, Bormann had seemed to pave his own and very suscessfull avenue with his solo career and on his production ventures as well. While Jaded Heart and it’s remaining members kept on moving forward replacing Bormann with a very capable singer himself Johan Fahlberg, their sound however seems like it has suffer from mistaken identity.

The band went from a renown and popular Melodic Rock band with Bormann, to an edgier Melodic Metal that often deliver monotonousness uninspired albums. That’s not to say everything after the paradigm shift they went through was crap, there we’re a couple of solid records like “Helluva Time” and “Sinister Mind” we’re fine but by their last record they have to have run dried out of ideas and “Perfect Insanity” was very disappointing album to say the least.

Now the guys return and possibly looking to redeem themselves off their lackluster last record with their newest effort titled “Common Destiny”. As far as I’m concerned this new material follows the band in their same melodic metal style and features some high end choruses that dominate the album inside out, unforgettably if you’re a long time fan of the band; you won’t find anything groundbreaking here. Is hard to judge the band at this point anymore even without any preconceived biases or likings, the bottom line is that it will find a fan base if your thing is melodic metal, but is hard to see Jaded moving into unfamiliar territory at this point any more, let’s face the music here,  this is what they are now a Melodic Metal band. The good news is that this album seems to flow better then their last one and that’s and for me that’s a good thing.

The emphasis here is on melodic, the hooks are all typical metal and on the tune “Saints Denied” which is one of the best killer tunes, JH brings a little of a Motley Crue swag, a bit reminsicent of Saints of Los Angeles circa to give you a better picture. The crunching groove of “Into Tears” carries the record forward with a powerful melody that adds this tune to the top list of prime cuts on “Common Destiny”. The typical groove throughout the record keeps running strong with another heavy melodic chorus laden song in “Life is Beautiful”, a simple tune with some nice hooks hard and heavy. Possibly the most well constructed tune on comes via “Higher” which offers somewhat of a different structural sound over substance, nice for a change.

The final verdict has me leaning towards the ideal that Jaded Heart is playing it safe here, but at least this time around JH seems to offer a bit more overall continuity in this album then their previous one. Johan’s vocals are always top notch and even though he usually lives in the high octave, partly because of the way the songs flow, he does a solid job regardless. It won’t shock you to read that these guys are talented, that’s never been a secret but sometimes drifting away from what you do best is what Jaded Heart has often shied away from. Even with some positives I can’t go crazy with this release, there are other bands that play the same style with more interesting overall sound, if you wanted to rediscover the band again you won’t find it here. A step in the right direction but I feel there could of been more to offer.


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    7/10

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