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Jorn – Bring Heavy Rock To The Land Review

Released By : Frontiers Records

Genre : Heavy Melodic Rock

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Jorne Lande – Vocals

Willy Bendiksen – Drums

Nic Angileri – Bass

Tore Moren – Guitars

Jimmy Iversen – Guitars



01. My Road

02. Bring Heavy Rock To The Land

03. A Thousand Cuts

04. Ride Like The Wind

05. Chains Around You

06. The World I See

07. Time To Be King

08. Ride To The Guns

09. Black Morning

10. I Came To Rock


Can you believe it’s been two years since Jorn released his tribute album to the then recently departed Ronnie James Dio? It seems unfathomable to think that much time has passed since we lost one of the most important people in heavy rock/heavy metal history. But as we all know, time keeps spinning and we all have to keep moving forward with it, which brings us to mid 2012 and an all-new album from modern day vocal hero Jorn Lande.

Jorn is one of those guys with a finger in just about everything and there’s never much of a shortage of time without his magical voice being featured on something somewhere. BRING HEAVY ROCK TO THE LAND is his first original studio album since 2009 though so it has been a longer wait than usual. Jorn kind of has that same affect on me as somebody like AXEL RUDI PELL where they are consistently good but you hear so much of them that the impact can get lost occasionally.

The Norse God of Metal

My first couple of trips through this new record left me a little underwhelmed I must say, but after a few more listens and getting familiar with a few of the tracks it really did grow on me. We all know what to expect from Jorn now so once gain this album is a halfway point between the classic metal feel of Dio/Tony Martin era BLACK SABBATH, and the heavy blues rock of late-seventies/early-eighties WHITESNAKE. Sometimes Jorn sounds like Dio himself, others he sounds like David Coverdale but overall his powerful and emotive voice gets the phrasing and tonal elements of this album spot on on every occasion.

As cheesy and trite as the title is, BRING HEAVY ROCK TO THE LAND is one of the clear standout tracks on offer here and the chorus lyrics actually work much better than you would think. A THOUSAND CUTS is a bit of different song for Jorn and in the verses actually feels a bit like a solo era Ozzy Osbourne track. CHAINS AROUND YOU sounds like a slightly heavier representation of the vibe WHITESNAKE have shown on their last two albums, which trust me…is a good thing. THE WORLD I SEE is more like a classic era ‘SNAKE tune with a heavier guitar sound. TIME TO BE KING is a super track with a great empowering lyric too. BLACK MORNING is the closest thing on offer here to a ballad of any kind and actually reminds me of Oliver Hartmann’s solo work. One more track that I feel deserves a special mention is RIDE LIKE THE WIND, a cover of the Christopher Cross classic. The original was a truly great tune I’m sure most would agree, but it’s very enjoyable having a version available with a heavier approach and of course those legendary Jorn Lane throat pipes.

Jorn has gathered many fans over his journey and put simply, if you are one of them you can go and blindly purchase this new record without fear. Those just recently discovering just what this guy can do will also be amazed at just how much impact his vocal approach can have on you. Overall it’s another success from a man that can seemingly do no wrong.


Written by Zeezee

Ratings    Zeezee    8/10

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