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Teramaze – Anhedonia Review

Released By : Nightmare Records

Genre : Modern Progressive Metal

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Brett Rerekura – Vocals

Dean Wells – Guitars

Matthew Dawson – Guitars

Tijon Lolis – Bass

Julian Percey – Drums



01. Adhedonia

02. Without Red Hands

03. Through The Madness

04. Machine

05. Acts Of Reparation

06. Fear Of The Unknown

07. Black Circles

08. Proverb Le Jame

09. Where The Dead Grow

10. Egostatic

11. Ever Enhancing II (Bonus Track)


TERAMAZE are a modern progressive metal band that call Melbourne, Australia their hometown. The actual suburb that they got their beginnings is called Geelong, which just so happens to be about twenty minutes away from where I have lived for most of my life. Due to this I had been familiar with the previous work of TERAMAZE and had caught them live a few times around the trap. While I always thought they were very good for a local band, world-class wasn’t exactly something I would have associated with them. Well… color me wrong because their new record, ANHEDONIA, which was released on worldwide label Nightmare Records is a true world-class modern album that is easily one of the best things I have listened to this year.

Some are tempted to label TERAMAZE as either a thrash metal act or a groove metal act, and while there’s elements of both on this record the descriptions needs to be a little more detailed. ANHEDONIA features a modern sound that recalls elements of bands like TOOL, NEVERMORE, KARNIVOOL and even MACHINE HEAD, but adds an element of progressive metal and even a touch of ALICE IN CHAINS styled heavy grunge, It really is a sound that you need to hear yourself to have a real idea. Musically this album kicks some serious ass, the drumming is energetic and interesting ,

Teramaze Live in the Flesh

but also mellow when the songs require it. The bass is perfectly heavy, and manages to sound modern and thick without resorting to that clunky slapping sound that made Nu-Metal so hard to enjoy. The guitars are chunky and intricate with some very awesome lead work throughout. Possibly the highlight as far as musicality goes however is the sublime voice of front man Brett Rerekura, who sounds like a combination of Layne Staley, Maynard Keenan and Matt Hafey, but adds his own spin on things too.

The title track ANHEDONIA is the highlight here and is one of those songs that offers up plenty to both fans of modern metal music and those that prefer the more melodic and interesting elements of something slightly older. But there are plenty of other moments that are worth revisiting again and again in tracks like THROUGH THE MADNESS, MACHINE, BLACK CIRCLES, WHERE DEAD GROW…fuck it, I really could list each track here on any given day so let’s just say that the album has no wasted space and is a very worthy cover to cover listen.

I hope this album takes off around the globe as the boys from TERAMAZE have been plodding thought the local market long enough. Over the journey they have clearly learned a lot about songwriting and song structure, and now with ANHEDONIA they have a stellar album that should find it’s way into plenty of best-of lists come year’s end providing enough people hear about it.


Written by Zeezee

Ratings    Zeezee    9/10

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