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Mind Scans Volume 1

I listen to a ton of new music and it’s simply impossible for me to write a full review for every single album. I would love to, but I don’t have the time to do it, nor am I able to come up with more than a few sentences about some albums, whether I liked them or not.

Here folks is my first addition of something we here at Global Mind are calling Mind Scans. Every week (for now) I will select 10-15 albums and write a brief summary about them to give you, the reader a basic idea if the album is worth your time to check out or not. Plus this gives us the chance here to get more bands information out there to the public, which is ultimately what our purpose and goal is here at My Global Mind. I may toy around with how I write it from time to time, but for now I’m sticking with what we have here. So prepare to have your mind scanned!



1. 69 Chambers- Torque (Massacre Records): Another female fronted band who goes from singing quite well (very soulful) to guttural growls. Heavy music with good pop sensibilities to it. Nothing mind shattering unique, but a good listen.

2. Adastra- Corroder Of Minds (Violent Journey Records): Kind of a mixed bag of stuff going on here. At times heavy and aggressive others melodic and haunting. Great performances, good listen. This is their third release, but I was unfamiliar with them until now.

3. American Dog- Poison Smile (Bad Reputation): Dirty, bluesy, straight ahead hard rock. Think Rhino Bucket with almost punk sensibilities, singing songs about drinking, rocking, and screwing. Band has been around over a decade now and keeps chugging along.

4. Big Daisy- s/t (High Roller Records): I tend to shy away from talking about reissues or albums “never before released” from older bands, but stumbled upon this one and really enjoyed it. Sounds like very early Rush goes NWOBHM.

5. Catheter- Southwest Doom Violence (Selfmadegod): Likely not everyone’s cup of tea: fast, aggressive, angry, and brutal. Grindcore is a style I tend to steer away from, but I rather enjoyed this album.

6. Dodecahedron- Dodecahedron (Season Of Mist): As musically complex as their name indicates. Technical, progressive black metal that has set itself apart from the whole Black Metal genre. A must have for fans of heavy, technical music.

7. Fadeout – To Protect Our Way of Living (Inverse Records): Alt/prog with dashes of a pop sound. I found it to be an excellent album. Unique without being too complex for fans of a more mellow style of music.

8. Havok- Point Of No Return EP (Candlelight): Outstanding thrash band. It’s only an EP, but really whets the appetite for more from this band. Awesome Slayer covers also.

9. Hemina- Synthetic (Nightmare): Brilliantly unique- progressive, gothic, symphonic. Simply a beautifully recorded album. Would highly recommend it!

10. Impiety- Ravage & Conquer (Pulverised Records): Black metal at its finest. Brutal, thundering, and from Singapore. They have a definite separation sound wise in regards to their style.

11. Lullacry- Where Angels Fear (Scarlet Records): Was a little disappointed by this one. Fairly standard female-fronted modern rock. Not much that really sets it apart, to be honest.

12. Marauder- Elegy Of Blood (Pitch Black): I rather liked this one. Puts me in mind of 3 Inches of Blood meets Manowar. It’s pure metal, to the bone!

13. Mpire Of Evil- Hell To The Holy (Scarlet Records): As a longtime fan of Venom, it’s no surprise that I would like this album. There are plenty of spots here that MOE tap into that vintage sound, but the musicality far surpasses anything these former Venom members ever did with their original band.

14. Nate Hall- A Great River (Neurot records): I’m really torn on this one. I think it’s one that you must be in the mood for. It’s dark, droning, and dreary. Faux-acoustic folk doom metal with dashes of what one would call “mountain music” sound. Interesting, but certainly not for everyone.

15. Sigh- Insomniphobia (Candlelight Records): Unique extreme metal act that has just released this, their ninth album. Not familiar with them actually and I’m surprised. Highly experimental for this genre, using odd sounds, mixing styles, yet still brutally heavy. Will need to seek out the rest of their work to see how this one stands up.


Mind Scans courtesy of Chris Martin

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