Norwegian Valerie New Album Preview and Video


The upcoming, young Norwegian Melodic hard rock/glam metal band Valerie just released their s/t debut album (courtesy of Hellish Records) on the June 23. 2012 through various Norwegian retailers, and through and for International orders. The official release date through online retailers such as, iTunes etc is still TBA (Coming very soon)

The album truly shows Valerie’s distinct, but diverse sound. From aor driven pop-melodies like When two hearts collide and Love is like a heart attack to fist-pumping hard rock anthems such as Tear down the walls and It’s not love – It’s not war, the record is full-out 35.minutes of catchy melodic hard rock.


Valerie – s/t

All songs written and performed by Valerie

Produced by Bård Torstensen


01. It’s not love – it’s not war

02. Heat of the night

03. When two hearts collide

04. Vixen

05. Tear down the walls

06. Love is like a heart attack

07. Taste the bullet

08. Love is not enough


Valerie also just posted a NEW SINGLE called “Vixen”, which can be heard here: is the first site to post a review of the album and awarded the it 4.5/5

Here in excerpt:

“…..These guys, for such young talent really explode and blow my mind. The opening track “It’s Not Love – It’s Not War” rips right off the bat. Great lyrics and moving guitar work by BT Valerie plus his vocals can reach the masses. VALERIE is a full-package band that brings sleaze and melodic rock to its knees. Track two, “Heat Of The Night”, is another killer track that has a gripping chorus and I love the change of direction in music, how the hell do these guys master songs when even veteran musicians lack that spark that VALERIE possesses….”


“…Valerie is a young and ambitious hard rock/glam metal band from Arendal; a small town in southern Norway. Valerie is known for their big choruses and guitar riffs, along with blistering guitar solos. Their music is often referred to as a cross between great 80s acts like Mötley Crüe, Dokken, Ratt and a more modern rock sound. It’s melodic, catchy, in your face hard rock. Valerie is 1987 in 2012

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