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The Company Band – Pros And Cons Review

Released By : Weathermaker Music

Genre : Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Stoner Rock

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Neil Fallon – Vocals

Dave Bone – Guitar

James A. Rota – Guitar

Brad Davis – Bass

Jess Margera – Drums



01. House Of Capricorn

02. Black Light Fever

03. Kill Screen

04. Loc Nar

05. El Dorado


Often when members of other bands get together in their off-time from their main bands the results are either too self-indulgent for the general music public to be able to enjoy or it just ends up as a monumental disappointment that should have been much better. Rarely though everything just clicks any you end up with a great band that can stand on its own merits regardless of who is involved. THE COMPANY BAND fall into the latter category, and while they may not quite fit the typical mould of a SuperGroup, their new E.P titled SIGN HERE, SIGN THERE is massive step forward in turning this part-time side-project into a full-blown touring and recording act.

In case you are discovering this group for the first time, the line-up consists of CLUTCH vocalist Neil Fallon, James Rota from FIREBALL MINISTRY, brother of Bam and CKY drummer Jess Margera, FU MANCHU bassist Brad Davis and guitarist Dave Bone. Describing just what they bring to the table musically is quite tricky though… Obviously with the powerful and easily recognizable vocals of Neil Fallon there is a real CLUTCH-like vibe that comes through quite often, but there’s so much more going on too. The actual musical background is sort of a mix of AC/DC style blues based bar-rock, early KISS styled glam rock and that nineties stoner vibe of bands like CLUTCH and KYUSS. It really is a unique vibe that needs to be heard to get a better idea as it’s really hard to describe. It’s classic rock in its approach but has plenty to offer fans of all eras of pure rock music.

The artwork is fantastic too and would look great in full LP size for sure. Just like the music within, it offers up a very seventies feel, but with a modern pop art edge to it and in a way it reminds me of the unique artwork featured on RADICAL SABBATICAL, an album released a couple of years on Burger Records by fuzz-punk band APACHE. If you’re tired of the usual rock fare and like to get behind things that are a little different then make sure to check out this enjoyable little E.P from THE COMPANY BAND… At five tracks it’s over and done with pretty quickly, but it’s a nice little taste of what’s to come in the future, as long as each of members can find enough spare time to keep the train rolling.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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