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Herman Frank – Right In The Guts Review

Released By : Metal Heaven Records

Genre : Heavy Metal

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01. Roaring Thunder

02. Right In Your Guts

03. Ivory Gate

04. Vengeance

05. Starlight

06. Falling To Pieces

07. Raise Your Hand

08. Waiting

09. Hell Isn’t Far

10. King’s Call

11. Lights Are Out

12. Black Star

13. So They Run


Herman Frank’s first proper solo release, 2007’s LOYAL TO NONE was a really, really good traditional heavy metal album, and even though it seemed like the beginning of a fruitful venture, the reformation of his main band ACCEPT forced it automatically onto the backburner. The last few years have been pretty good in the ACCEPT camp. But obviously there was enough of a gap available for Herman Frank to revisit his solo venture for a second album, the newly released RIGHT IN THE GUTS.

Generally speaking the album picks up right where the previous one left off and is another collection of traditionally based heavy metal tunes. There are a few occasions this time around where a more hard rock based Whitesnake type feel comes in to play. But for the most part RIGHT IN THE GUTS is pure fist-pumpin’ head-bangin’ ‘eavy-fucken-metal! Franks talent as a songwriter is clear here too as he manages to make sure that there is plenty of heaviness involved but still a very approachable and generally catchy backbone. There is a new vocalist in the fold this time around too in AT-VANCE/THUNDERSTONE frontman Rick Altzi and he adds a slight touch of class that the previous album LOYAL TO NONE almost hit on but never really quite reached.

RIGHT IN THE GUTS is an easy album to enjoy if you are a metal head in any capacity and will hopefully the notoriety it deserves. Killer cuts like ROARING THUNDER, RIGHT IN YOUR GUTS, FALLING TO PIECES and SO THEY RUN are all worth the price of admission one their own and there are more than a few other treats as well. Sure there isn’t a lot of variation on offer here apart from a couple of more hard-rock based moments, but hey, not all genres demand innovation, especially not the traditional metal genre, that’s for sure.

Herman Frank’s guitar work is awesome, the songwriting is of a high quality, the album artwork is captivating and in your face, Rick Altzi’s vocals are sublime and the production is wall-of-sound massive….what’s not to like???


Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10


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