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John Vlasic – Love For Rock Review

Released By : Self-Released

Genre : Hard Rock

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01. Love For Rock

02. The Town Lounge

03. Set In Stone

04. Xxxess

05. The Endless Threat

06. Rave

07. Into The Unknown

08. Cabana Blue

09. Midnight’s Ours

10. North Star


Here at My Global Mind we are all about keeping you guys informed about all of the major releases in the rock and metal genres, and as much as that stretches our time almost to breaking point we also try and make sure there is a constant stream of information about lesser known talent across the globe. As I was sifting through my latest pile of albums to be reviewed I was stopped by an album titled LOVE FOR ROCK by a guy named JOHN VLASIC. With a picture of a black Gibson guitar on the cover and the LOVE FOR ROCK title I was pretty much expecting a no-frills straight down the line rock record, and while Vlasic’s influences feel a little varied here, I got what I was expecting.

Imagine a slightly rawer version of say the STEVE MILLER BAND jamming on AC/DC and SEX PISTOLS songs with members of MOTORHEAD while playing on a dirty beer-soaked stage in the very back of a dark and dingy bar on the sunset strip on garage band night…well that’s the vibe I get when listening to this album anyway. Vlasic is a pretty basic vocalist, but like all smart pure –rockers he plays to his strengths here and never seems out of his depth, though if you listen hard enough or it you can spot the certain moments where he is right on the line ability-wise. Vlasic is also in charge of the guitar work, and while the simplistic riffing works in this format I would have personally enjoyed a couple of really juicy solos, even if they had to be guest contributions or something along that line.

The lyrics on LOVE FOR ROCK are an interesting talking point too… Songs like LOVE FOR ROCK, XXXESS and RAVE show the more typical side of dirty rock music, but on occasions like THE TOWN LOUNGE, CABANA BLUE and NORTH STAR, Vlasic flexes his songwriting chops further than he should be able to and comes up with some really well written gems.

Occasionally this little album suffers from a bit of inconsistency and a lack of coherence from song to song, but as a show-piece for what sort of artist John Vlasic wants to be there is plenty here to like. Another couple of years of guitar playing will help where the lead breaks are concerned, and getting out there and seeing what works live will help with the songwriting cohesion and the settling of a more consistent style. That being said, I’m glad to have spent a few nights with LOVE FOR ROCK, and will definitely be looking forward to seeing what Vlasic does next.


Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 6/10

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