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Overhead – Of Sun And Moon Review

Released By : Progressive Promotions Records

Genre : Progressive Modern Rock

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Alex Keskitalo – Vocals, Flute

Jaakko Kettunen – Guitars

Ville Sjoblom – Drums

Janne Pylkkonen – Bass

Tarmo Simonen – Piano, Polysix



01. Lost Inside Pt. 2

02. Berlin

03. An Afternoon Of Sun And Moon

04. Aftermath

05. Syriana

06. Grotte

07. Last Broadcast

08. Alive

09. Angels And Demons


During my time so far as a music writer one of the constant highpoints has been each time I have received promotional material from German based Progressive Promotions Records. This label doesn’t release many albums, only a handful per year actually, but this is a perfect example of quality over quantity though as just about everything I have received from them so far has been purely brilliant. As hinted by the label’s name, they deal in music that is progressive in nature and while most of the bands on their roster can comfortably fit into specific sub-genres of progressive music, this new album from Finland natives OVERHEAD is a pretty tricky one to describe.

There is definitely a progressive element here, but more in the neo-prog vibe rather than specifically intricate traditional progressive bands. However, the band may be better described as a Modern Alt. Rock group with progressive undertones. I guess the best bands to use as some sort of comparison would be THRICE, THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT, SPIRIDION and the awesome ORDER OF VOICES. OVERHEAD don’t quite sound like any of the aforementioned groups but it’s pretty safe to say that if any of the names above float your boat then there will be something for you like on OF SUN AND MOON. There are also occasional instances that tempt me to call these guys a Metal act too, not enough to be able to market them specifically to that market, but enough to add an element of edginess and also another layer to rise to during a couple of the slightly slower numbers.

For me personally there is a little too much keyboard and slight electronica work during a few of the songs, but I don’t see this being an issue for many people. The vocals are full and emotive, the guitar work is great, the drum/bass backbone kicks ass and the production is full, fat and crystal clear…. All elements that add up to a potentially highly successful album.  Highlights are aplenty, but the real cream of the crop here are BERLIN, ALIVE, and LAST RESORT 2. I also have a soft spot for GROTTE, a purely instrumental track that gives the guys an opportunity to show their musical chops, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

In a perfect world OVERHEAD would be smashing up the charts world-wide, they certainly have the musical and songwriting talent to go all the way, but at least there is labels around these days like Progressive Promotions records to ensure that great albums like OF SUN AND MOON at least get some form of notice. If you’re going to have a go at this one, make sure you go for the proper physical product as it features a really cool digipak packaging that has proper 3D artwork both outside and in.


Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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