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Wigelius – Reinvention Review

Released by: Frontiers Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Melodic Rock/Aor



Line Up:

Anders Wigelius – Vocals.

Erik Wigelius – Drums.

Jake Svensson – Guitars.

Chris Pettersson – Bass



01. Angeline

02. Talking About Love

03. Do You Really Know

04. Next To Me

05. My Cassandra

06. Piece Of The Action

07. Too Young To Fall In Love

08. Right Here, Right Now

09. Love Can Be That Much

10. Hold On To Love

11. There Is No Me Without You

12. I Reach Out


Many people malign shows like American Idol, saying that it takes away from people earning their dues, and catching their break the easy way. Personally, though I’m not a fan per se of the music it caters to, I do like what it does, for the most part. The music business is a thankless bitch that is so very tough to make it in, that giving young unknowns this opportunity is actually doing them a favor while crushing their spirits at the same time. Think about it- you’re some Joe Schmoe living in some back country town where music is barely anything more than something they have a church every Sunday. There truly are some much hidden talents out there with no outlet to get out there and make their dream. So here is someone whose first performance ever may be on a TV show in front of millions of people. Do you think you can do it? Many of us would freeze up and chicken out, so my hat is off to folks who take that plunge. Of course making their dream come true on a show like this can be demoralizing as well. It’s all a popularity contest and hardly based on true talent (isn’t that what pop music does anyway) so it’s nice to see true talents like Chris Daughtry, Bo Bice, Carrie Underwood, and James Durbin get some recognition. No one will ever measure up to the original, Kelly Clarkson, but they don’t have to. All they have to do is forge forward doing what they enjoy and doing it on their own terms if they can.

All of that brings me to Erik Wigelius, who came into prominence singing a Journey song on a talent show in Sweden on TV. Now, thanks in part to Frontier Records, we have his debut Reinventions. Despite singing a Steve Perry classic, he sounds nothing at all like the vocal legend, instead having a voice all his own. It’s smooth with a bit of gravel underlying, but it suits perfectly the standard AOR music performed on this album. Musically, it fits the mold of bands like Jaded Heart, Bonfire, and the like. Though songs like “Talking About Love,” “Piece Of the Action,” and “Right Here Right Now” don’t necessarily break new ground, they’re still good songs that showcase the abilities of this young man. Any fan that appreciates good AOR music, should love this album from the word go.

Does an album necessarily need to blaze a new sound stylistically to still be considered a great album? I don’t think so. Wigelius’ debut is a great album that’s worthy of a listen. And the next time one laments the death of music thanks to television talent shows should stop and think about how it’s benefitted some truly great performers we may have missed out on otherwise.


Written by Chris

Ratings    Chris    7/10

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