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Icarus Witch – Rise Review

Released by: Cleopatra Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock



 Line Up:

Christopher Shaner – Voice

Quinn Lukas – Guitar

Dave Watson – Guitar

Jason Myers – Bass

Tom Wierzbicky – Drums



1. The End

2. (We Are) The New Revolution

3. Rise

4. Asylum Harbour (Instrumental)

5. Coming Of The Storm

6. Tragedy

7. Say When

8. Break The Cycle

9. Nothing Is Forever

10. Pray

11. In The Dark

12. Last Call For Living


Perhaps it’s fitting for a band that hails from the “Steel City” to rip a new one into the metal and Hard Rock scene with a pretty poignant 5th studio album titled “Rise”.  The Pittsburgh natives have been on a steady climb and one of those bands I refer to “on the brink” of mild success having recorded what is now their 5th studio album, all with Cleopatra Records. These are you typical bands that just grind away years of music making and just stay on the path, is surprising to me why Icarus Witch hasn’t exploded into the scene faster then they should, because they’re music is tight, heavy and melodic and on their new record “Rise” they polished they’re sound with a modern touch, not a bad thing.

Icarus Witch features on this release a new singer Christopher Shaner replacing the departure of Matthew Bizilia a guy who brought some tremendous vocals to the forefront. No need to tread because Shaner does a commendable job leading the way with the right kind of emotion and melody for the style the band is uplifting on their new joint “Rise”.

“(We Are) The New Revolution is one of the first tunes that stands out as it features a kick ass melodic heavy metal stinger of a groove, even with the new lead singer Christopher Shaner the witch still delivers some nasty chunky riffs to fit his style of vocal delivery. “Break the Cycle” sounds like a modern touch of Lillian Axe with some exceptional choruses and tight musicianship, a break from the daily grind as it breathes a fresh of modern air into the fray.

“In The Dark” the Witch welcomes a tasty 80’s groove where it gives lead singer Shaner a chance to do his best David Coverdale, only that it hits the spot just right as this tune hails with some pretty sick distortion and melodic aptitude, a kick ass song that leaves an impact after a while. Even though “Last Call” has a nice drive, the song falls a bit short with a repetitive chorus but still not enough to bring down the overall feel of  the album. The slow brooding hooks in “Say When” stand out as one of the best tunes on the record, the soaring vocals of Shaner take the song to a new higher ground, and the guitars lead that heavy bottom crunchiness from earlier heavy hitting tunes.

The hardship in trying to make it in this new broken music business gives way to many bands giving it all up and moving on taking the road less traveled, but Icarus Witch has managed to continue going with lack of success in sales and not being a household name, and is not just them is many great bands today that go under the radar as we prefer to listen to screamo and emo bands that apparently have more talent then bands like Icarus Witch, or so the media seems to think so. Is pretty sad state of affairs as too many bands get overlooked, thanks to other online publications online we can still get the word out about the type of bands that need it, and Icarus Witch is one of those bands. This is a strong album, with new singer in hand, and updated modern touch and a resilience to give up I hope to catch these guys on the road and you should too. Don’t miss a chance to check out one of the best bands going around today in the metal scene, and so they “Rise”.


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    8/10

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