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Knock Out Kaine – House of Sins Review

Released by: Dust on the Tracks Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Sleaze Hard Rock



Line Up:

Dean Foxx – Lead Vox

Jimmy Bohemian – Guitar

Lee Byrne – Bass

Danny Krash – Drums



1. The Welcome

2. House of Sins

3. Liquor Up

4. Little Crystal

5. Set the Night on Fire

6. Backstreet Romeo

7. Skinstar

8. Coming Home

9. Going Down

10. Time

11. Save Me

12. Moving On

13. Coming Home (Radio Edit)


The British SleazerRockers Knock Out Kaine arise from the Midlands with a knock out punch of an album titled “House of Sins”. This record has already received some pretty good vibes through the industry and the band had a solid EP last year that brought more attention to their crew, but now their full album is here and it really ties things together for the band. The band was also the winner of the Kerrang best unsigned live band contest, and are on the brink of some big things with their classic Sleaze Hard Rock sound.

They are led by the raspy vocals of their front man Dean Foxx who sings in the style of bands like L.A Guns, Motley Crue and a touch of GnR. The rest of the band’s sound is a bit of modern hard rock with the above mentioned sleaze influences. When listening to the band I hear a bit of grunge influences as well in the guitar tones and the riffing, is a nice added feel to a record that features all the magic ingredients of a successful Hard Rock record in every sense of the word.

The tunes that center stage come via the self title track which features Foxx and some tongue and cheek lyrics to set things on moving on a fiery path. The faster rhythm of “Little Crystal” is another good tune that features a tight solo and some more added attitude in it’s verses. The acoustic opening passage of “Coming Home” has a feel of a thoughtful ballad with another melodic guitar solo lead and a high rising chorus by their lead singer Foxx. One of the strongest numbers comes via the spirited hooks of “Time” which has all the band members soulfully kicking it into high gear on this great song.

KOK has some potential and for a debut record it plays to it’s strong parts very well, the sleazier modern rock grooves are well done, their lead singer has some bite to his fiery vocals, and the overall production is very well done. Perhaps the production is not surprise as the mastered was done by Ray Staff who is a mastering engineer best known for his work with a diverse mix of artists including Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Clash, Black Sabbath and most recently, Muse. Certainly the guys here deliver on promise of hopefully something good for a long time and hopes this is just the tip of the iceberg for this bunch as the potential is clearly there. Check out the KOK and dare to take a punch and get back up? Knock Out!!!


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    8/10

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