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Black Majesty – Stargazer Review

Released By : Limb Music

Genre : Power Metal

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John Cavaliere – Vocals

Steve Javenski – Guitar

Hanny Mohamed – Guitar

Pavel Konvalinka – Drums



01. Falling

02. Lost Highway

03. Voice Of Change

04. Killing Hand

05. Journey To The Soul

06. Holy Hillers

07. Symphony Of Death

08. Edge Of The World

09. Stargazer

10. Shine (Bonus Track)


Since their emergence on the world Power Metal scene  a few years ago, Aussie band BLACK MAJESTY have continuously gone from strength to strength. Their previous album, 2010’s IN YOUR HONOUR was a very widely respected album that found its way high up in many best-of lists across the globe. Their latest album STARGAZER is poised to set the Power Metal world alight once again and personally I think it’s the best album the band have released in their career.

With each new album the band have slightly altered their approach, not enough to change genres or anything like that, just enough to be able distinguish one collection of songs from the other. This time around the band have stripped back the slightly symphonic sound found on previous releases and have opted for a pretty straightforward Power Metal approach of the Euro variety mixed in with a little bit of Traditional Heavy Metal too. In this regard the album does share a lot of similarities to others in the genre, but what sets these guys apart is their pure musical ability and their tendency to write songs full of memorable hooks and epic riffs. As the band started out with more progressive elements, musically there’s some real virtuoso performances here and the dual-guitar attack of Steve Janevski and Hanny Mohamed has never sounded as good as it does right here. It also helps that vocalist John Cavaliere is sounding more powerful than ever and his multi-octave range gives him the freedom to really dominate songs like LOST HIGWAY, STARGAZER and the epic HOLY KILLERS while still being able to show his excellent David Coverdale-esque lower register at the beginning of SYMPHONY OF DEATH and throughout the entirety of bonus track, the acoustic- based gem SHINE.

STARGAZER doesn’t offer up anything new or specifically unique to the Power Metal genre, but the album really is the perfect example of how to make a brilliant record within the confines of a particular genre. Power Metal fans should love every second of this release and I expect it to yet again earn BLACK MAJESTY plenty of places in best-of lists at the end of the year. That’s five very good albums in a row now from these guys, that’s a level of consistency that any band would be happy with.


Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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