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Tremonti – All I Was Review

Released By : Fret 12 Records

Genre : Modern Rock

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Mark Tremonti – Vocals, Guitar

Eric Friedman – Bass

Garet Whitlock – Drums



01. Leave It Alone

02. So You’re Afraid?

03. Wish You Well

04. Brains

05. The Things I’ve Seen

06. You Waste Your Time

07. New Way Out

08. Giving Up

09. Proof

10. All I Was

11. Doesn’t Matter

12. Decay


Say what you will about CREED (I don’t mind them myself, but I know how many people feel differently), but if there’s at least one good thing they have done for the music landscape it would have to be introducing the world to the talents of guitarist and main songwriter Mark Tremonti. Whether it’s the commercial rock stuff he has written with CREED or the slightly edgier material he has written for his other band ALTER BRIDGE, one thing’s for certain, Tremonti sure can write a good riff.

In a rare quiet patch for his main bands, mainly due to ALTER BRIDGE front-man Miles Kennedy being busy as the singer for SLASH, Mark Tremonti has decided to record a solo album that includes ideas that didn’t quite work for his band’s and of course some new stuff too. His style is instantly recognizable, and even though the material here runs a little toward a heavier edge there’s no doubt that these riffs are pure Tremonti. The fact that the guitar playing and the songwriting are both of a very high quality may not be much of a surprise, but what is a surprise is Tremonti’s vocals. You would expect most songwriters to be at least able to hold a tune vocally, but it’s not that Tremonti is serviceable, or even just good…as a matter of fact his vocals are excellent and fit this style of music perfectly.

Mark Tremonti has stated in interviews along the way that his roots lay in a more heavy metal area than the hard rock music he is known for, and he gets to embrace this a little bit on ALL I WAS. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not exactly a metal record, but there are some really heavy moments here that will please headbangers of all generations.  There’s not really any shredding or anything here but the lead breaks are all class. From a solo album perspective it would have been easy for Tremonti to just let loose and shred through the songs, but as he is a pure songwriter first and foremost, it’s that element that takes front place. Each solo is suited to the vibe of the song it is a part of and they never stray too far from the general melody line.

ALL IWAS is almost a perfect representation of how modern heavy rock is meant to be done. Tremonti may not be what is typically considered as a guitar virtuoso but this album shows that he is clearly the front-runner as far as modern heavy rock guitarists and songwriters go. As long as he remains with CREED and ALTER BRIDGE both of those bands will find endless success, but hopefully Mark Tremonti can build on this solo foundation as it would be a shame if the rock world had to wait too long for another album filled with this heavier style.


Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 9/10

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