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Eldorado – Antigravity Sound Machine Review

Released By : Bad Reputation Records

Genre : Rock

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Jesus Trujillo – Vocals

Javier Planelles – Drums

Cezar Sanchez – Bass

Andres Duende – Guitar



01. Maybe Forever

02. Mr Saturn

03. Like A Lost Child

04. Another Bright Sunday

05. Searching For Light

06. A Farewell To Remember

07. Background Radiation

08. Space Mambo

09. Kassandra

10. Paranormal Circus

11. Lady Of The Mountain

12. Blue Jay Wings


The last few weeks have been very Metal-based for me. Whether it was catching up on a few releases I’ve missed over the last month or two, or trying to keep up with a massive releases schedule of all of the labels that are kind enough to send us promo material. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a blast and I’ve heard a shit-tonne of fantastic music across many different Metal sub-genres, but it’s all starting to roll into one another now and it’s time to give the ever ageing neck a little rest.

Enter the new album from Spanish rockers ELDORADO, which turned out to be the perfect way to refresh my musical pallet. ANTIGRAVITY SOUND MACHINE is the first I have heard from these guys but I am led to believe that their previous material was along the Modern Radio Rock line of things. Well, I’ll say I can hear slight semblances of that on this album but it’s certainly not the vocal point this time around. What I hear is a bit of hybrid sound that combines the classic bluesy rock of seventies bands like LED ZEPPELIN, FOGHAT and FREE with the slightly edgier and harder approach of eighties rock. At times I am reminded of Aussie retro-revivalist act WOLFMOTHER, but without the overly obvious ZEPPELIN worship.

Opening track MAYBE FOREVER sounds sort of like what I imagine GUNS N ROSE would have sounded if they had of formed in 1975 or something like that. It’s an interesting sound and really does set things up for a good album. MR. SATURN is more of a standard blues-rock groove but with a really thick and fuzzy guitar tone. LIKE A LOST CHILD brings out that trademark seventies Hammond Organ sound and comes off like a real jam band track, but with a more structured chorus section. ANOTHER BRIGHT SUNDAY and SEARCHING FOR LIGHT are the two tracks here that reminds me of WOLFMOTHER the most, complete with Stoner Rock-esque riffing. The rest of the album continues on in this fashion, moving in and out of a more standard classic blues rock sound and occasionally hitting a psychedelic groove and an occasional stoner vibe too.

ANTIGRAVITY SOUND MACHINE is an odd album in many ways, but still manages to feel very familiar, and music fans that follow rock from all eras will find it very easy to listen to. It’s the band’s first foray into the English speaking market as previous to this album they had a different singer that wrote and sung in Spanish. I hope they gain some notoriety as ELDORADO sound very comfortable writing this interesting hybrid style. Recommended to just about anybody really.


Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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