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Losers Come From Above – Biggest Failure Of All Time Review

Released By : Self-Released

Genre : Alternative

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Jurgen – Vocals, Bass

Pupi – Drums

Exti – Guitar

Uzzo White – Guitar



01. Freeze Your Bones

02. Make It

03. Superstar

04. Future

05. Wonderland

06. Take It Easy

07. TV Show

08. Walk On My

09. Don’t Wake Up

10. No More Lies

11. Alone

12. Butterflys


As someone that spends a vast majority of their days talking about and writing about music it’s pretty rare that I’m lost for words… But it has taken me several re-writes and multiple listens of this debut album from Italian band LOSERS COME FROM ABOVE to be able to convey my thoughts about the album in a manner that is at least legible. The main thing I can say about this album is that it’s quite different and really is unlike anything else out there at this time. Is that a good thing? Well, for the most part yes it is, but working out the right market to cater this music too may prove to be rather tricky in the long run.

The simplest explanation here would be to just call BIGGEST FAILURE OF ALL TIME an Alternative Rock album, but that doesn’t really do justice to what the band are doing. Alternative Rock is more of a backbone to build on and the band add some slight electronica touches here and there that sound a bit like a soft rock version of NINE IN NAILS, but then there’s also some arty stuff that reminds me of the B52’s and R.E.M. I also find the odd occasion that I am reminded of Aussie band HOODOO GURUS or weird rockers WEEZER and even some HUEY LEWIS AND THE NEWS. It’s all very modern sounding and very upbeat… It’s a feel-good summer album for those that like things a little different. It’s a party disc that you could put on to get everybody dancing and nobody would even care that they have never heard the songs because even though it’s a very different album there is still a strong element of the traditional pop hook that gives the songs that familiar feeling.

The bass guitar work in this album is worth mentioning too because it stands out big time… It’s a great production idea to let this overly funky bass work drive the songs. Personally I enjoyed MAKE IT, DON’T WAKE UP, TAKE IT EASY and ALONE the most, but BIGGEST FAILURE OF ALL TIME is an album that I enjoy listening to from cover to cover…well, maybe with the exception of the opening track FREEZE YOUR BONES which just repeats four lyric lines over and over.

I’m still not convinced that my above explanation is even half-way correct, but it’s the best I could do really. If you like discovering catchy accessible music that’s a little different from the norm then I suggest you go and check these guys out immediately. BIGGEST FAILURE OF ALL TIME is a great debut album from a bunch of Italians that seem primed to take on the big time at some stage of their career and deserves to be recognized as the clever little album that I know it is.


Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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