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Pick Your Side – Let Me Show You How Democracy Works Review

Released By : Self-Released

Genre : Old-School Hardcore, Thrash Metal

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Beckman – Vocals

Johnny – Guitar

Bauers – Drums

Ansley – Guitar



 Side 1

01. Dark Future

02. Plug-In Generation

03. More Cops, More Crime!

04. Meltdown

05. How To Come

06. Looking Back

07. Paranoid Or Prepared?

08. This Too Shall Pass

09. My Trouble

Side 2

01. Ham Sandwich

02. Doomsday Demise

03. It Could Be Better…

04. Matter Of Time

05. New War

06. It’s All Your Fault

07. No Good Will Come From This

08. 2 Headed Snake

09. Right Turn


It’s very rare these days that the old turntable gets a run, sure I’ve got a pile of classic LP’s sitting there, but I don’t get much chance to listen to the classics these days because I’m always trying to keep up with the ridiculous amount of new releases that get churned out on a weekly basis. Oh how refreshing it was to open a parcel the other day from PICK YOUR SIDE and find a nice, big LP awaiting me. Before I even get into the actual music here let me tell you that the physical production of this album, LET ME SHOW YOU HOW DEMOCRACY WORKS is hella awesome. Not only do you get a really cool slab of shiny orange vinyl and an inner sleeve full of lyrics but you also get some really, really awesome artwork from none other than the best in the metal artwork business Ed Repka.

On the music side of things, you get sixteen tracks of in your face, no-bullshit, brutal hardcore that is extremely politically charged, and the album doesn’t let up for a second. Some may recognise the members of this band from their previous stint as cult Hardcore band HAYMAKER, with frontman Jeff Beckman and also Johnny Ibay who is also currently a member of Gridndcore act FUCK THE FACTS. It’s a pretty impressive pedigree really and a great base to build a successful band from. The band incorporates some Grindcore-esque elements on this album and also dabbles in what you could call Crustcore. I am also tempted to add a slight comparison to old-school Thrash Metal too, but that may be just due to the Tom Araya like vocal approach from frontman Jeff Beckman. Most Hardcore fans are used to songs with strong messages, which is a good thing because the music on LET ME SHOW YOU HOW DEMOCRACY WORKS is certainly not made for the casual passer-by type listener, the message is strong throughout and your personal feeling toward the words on offer here will go a long way as to whether you get into the album or not. Those approaching this album from the more modern, melodic side of Hardcore music may well be shocked at just how raw and brutal PICK YOUR SIDE can be, but fans of the old-school approach will feel right at home with this dirty, gritty, nasty sounding slab of brutality. One thing both sides would have to agree on though is there aren’t many voices in the genre these days that sound as convincing and real as Jeff Beckman…Every word he sings is done with a passion and sense of earnestness that most front-men can only dream of.

Simply put…Are you a fan of old-school brutal hardcore music?… If you answered yes, then BUY THIS LP NOW!!!


Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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