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Redline – Vice Review

Released by: Escape Music

Release Date: September 21, 2012

Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal



Line Up:

Kez Taylor • Vocals

A.D. • Guitar

Redvers • Bass

Steve Petty • Guitar

Mark Biddiscombe • Drums



1.Battle Cry

2.King Of The Mountain

3.Black Sky

4.No Limits

5.Twistin’ The Knife

6.Cold Silence

7.High Price to Pay

8.The Edge Of Falling

9.Some Kinda’ Mean

10.We Came To Rock


The UK Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band Vice is a relatively new one to my understanding. Formed in 2006 in Birmingham, UK with and quote from the presser “addiction to write ‘nu-classic rock’ songs and with an addiction to all things motorcycle”. I read this presser and I liked the band already without even hearing this promo. Alight no I didn’t make up my mind if they we’re good or not but it did sound cool, we get a ton of presser that makes every band seem like even jesus himself would come down and approve of their music, the truth is that most fail to live to the holy scripture of the words these publicists make them out to be. In this particualr case Escape Music who for the most part focuses on Melodic/Hard Rock releases doesn’t fall short one bit, as Redline who features Kez Taylor on vocals, A.D. on guitar, Mark Biddiscombe, drums, Redvers on bass and Steve Petty on guitar rip through to some old school motorcycle rebel club woop ass metal tunes on “Vice”. A little history on the band reveals that they released a series of demos after 2006 which we’re well received, but they felt they need a change of vocal style, good decision as new guy Kez Taylor does a strong job handling the mic.

These guys don’t shy away from their influences, it’s clear that bands like Judas Priest, Whitesnake, a little Y&T and some UFO for good measure come bursting out these walls of sound. I’t a throwback sound that mostly not a days other bands have been trying revive to an extent and some have made comebacks already, take example the mirage of NWOBHM bands that have come return to the scene now and are trying to hit the circuit again and revive their career, think TANK for instance.

Redline portray their role with redemption as lead singer Kez Taylor has a nice resounding voice that leads the band with unique style and rock steel rumble. The rest of the unit is as tight as a razorsharp edge, surprising since the band has only been together since 2006. It’s eminent these dudes used their time wisely to own their craft. As we digest some of the songs here, we are invited with a total of only 10 songs, but the length and quality of the tracks are worthwhile. “King of the Mountain” carries the heavy metal torch with blazing desire, a nice anthem tune right off the bat and one that was found on their first demo as well. The killer twin guitar duo of “Twistin’ The Knife” leads the way with some shredding crunchiness as the guys belt out some killer marching choruses beyond the bridge. Excellent song and one the best on the record.

And when things tone down a bit with the ballad “Cold Silence”, even there they leave a mark with a blend of Taylor’s haunting vocals adding a nice restrictiveness. Another groovy Whitesnake-esque style vibe comes flowing outwards on the gigantic hooks of “High Price to Pay”, awesome song with a memorable slab of guitar magic. Redline doesn’t disavow towards the bottom half of this great record, more flowing rusted riffs come via the track “The Edge of Falling”.

What a nice surprise here from these UK metallers, rockers at best with the right sense of melody to entice and groove with piercing precision. At times I hear a little of Scorpions old school, some Judas Priest and a myriad of other great Hard Rock notables but in the end they are Redline, another band YOU should check out. The band is currently rehearsing  in order to hit the road on future dates, and if you should be one of the lucky ones that gets to go to their gig, you won’t be let down. Freely check them out and rest assure no hidden agendas or vices here, only quality Hard Rock and Roll!!!


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    9/10

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