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Xander Demos – Guitarcadia Review

Released by: Rock ‘N’ GRowl Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Instrumental Metal



Line Up:

Xander Demos

Matt Williams

Adam Heusey

Chris Batton



1. Right Angles

2. Nothing Major

3. Under a Darkened Sky

4. White Knuckle Driving

5. Guitarcadia

6. Woodshed Sonata

7. Boys of Summer

8. Chase the Sun

9. Metagalactic

10. Lady in Red


Xander Demos is on the fast track to becoming a priced commodity in the world of guitar shredding, Demos who has already amounted some really cool endorsement deals, fronts his own solo band and has also hit the touring circuit opening for bands the likes of Adrenaline Mob, Buckethead, UFO, Kip Winger among others. He also joined recently James Rivera’s (Helstar) solo band Sabbath Judas Sabbath. If you’re a guitar freak, then Xander will probably satisfy your shredding hunger because the dude simply well…shreds. For fans of Yngwie, Vai, Neal Schon etc his first full album titled “Guitarcadia” is for you.

Xander mends all different styles of guitar virtuosos from the past and brings it all together in a super crunchy melodic and progressive manner. In February 29th, Demos released his full length EP titled “Road to Guitarcadia” what was a precursor to his complete full record, which was mixed by Firehouse front man C J Snare and is titled “Guitarcadia”.

Guitarcadia doesn’t shy away from any influences or attempts to be mysterious, the sound and style is typical of a guitar virtuoso and records alike, but this doesn’t mean it’s not an excellent portrayal of the powerful instrument that is the electric guitar. Like I mentioned earlier influences from Yngwie, to Jason Becker, and even Michael Romeo all come to mind when you hears the tunes like the self title track which punish with intense riff action. The more improvisation laid back groove of “Lady in Black” brings flashes of Joe Satriani, the tempered guitar tone adds a nice conclusion to the record. In between the madness you find some interesting numbers, like the heavy metal crunch of “Metagalactic” or the supernova explosion rifest of “Nothing Major”, chances are you will find a boastful amount of melodic guitar shred holiness throughout his full solo effort to please the ears of instrumental fans. Although most of the songs are instrumental, the couple of vocal tracks are excellent, perfect classic heavy metal prog mixed into one huge epic sound, something I look more from Xander and company in the future.

There is no denying the talents of Xander Demos as the varied tuning and stylistically mannerism on these tracks prove, this guy can play and I’m curious to hear him in a more organized band with some potent lead vocals and epic symphonic arrangements? Whoa!!! that would be pretty cool. I mean the Sabbath Judas Sabbath project is interesting, but I think this is just the stepping stone for Xander and his guitar shredding skills, more to follow I hope in the future.  His guitar tone is smooth, super melodic and I dare to say wizardry-esque? Okay that suits him right even if it’s a made up word. If you’re a fan of the guitar and appreciate a little rock and metal epicness in your music, then check out Xander Demos and his full length debut “Guitarcadia”. Also a  a portion of the proceeds from the CD sales go to the ASPCA, an organization that’s fighting the good cause in the prevention of animal cruelty, plus yours truly is a proud member as well.


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    8/10

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