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Arthemis – We Fight Review

Released By: Off Yer Rocka Recordings

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Power Metal



Line Up:

Fabio D – Vocals

Andy – Guitar

Damian – Bass

Paul Grinder – Drums



1. Apocalyptic Nightmare

2. Empire

3. We Fight

4. Blood Of Generations

5. Burning Star

6. Cry For Freedom

7. Alone

8. Reign Of Terror

9. Still Awake

10. The Man Who Killed The Sun

11. Metal Hammer


Many people write power metal off as always being cheesy, lightweight, and too melodic to count as real metal. Well, obviously I disagree with all that anyway, but just for people who think that way, there are bands like Arthemis, who can show you a different side of the genre, that will get your adrenaline pumping. I’ll be honest, though, this isn’t my favorite style, but I’ve heard some more aggressive power metal albums before that ended up being worthwhile, and thankfully, “We Fight”, the fifth full release from this Italian band, can now be counted as one of them.

The guitars are the obvious driving force here, as the band pulls no punches, instead choosing to deliver one intense riff after another, resulting in a very energetic and explosive album. In fact, energetic is probably the best way to describe the album, because if the title track doesn’t get you excited at all, you may need to see if you still have a pulse. Compared to some albums I’ve heard recently, the songs are all straight-forward, and there’s nothing overly technical, but the riffs are so fun, I didn’t really care too much anyway.

An intro track is not at all uncommon for a metal album (in fact, it so sickeningly common, I almost wish there was a rule against them at this point), but “Apocalyptic Nightmare” is not your typical orchestral intro. Nope, it’s simply a series of slow, crushing riffs that help create the mood for the rest of the album. “Empire” follows, and is the typical high energy, up-tempo song you can expect to hear throughout the album, with some solid and aggressive vocals from Fabio D. I’d usually devote a whole paragraph for vocals, but there’s really only one thing you need to know about this guy: He brings the right attitude, along with the right kind of aggressive vocal approach the album needs (not quite a scream, but close), and does a solid job of hitting all the notes. Nothing shocking or spectacular, but he does a very good job.

Starting with the title track and ending with “Cry For Freedom”, we have the best section of the album, as all four of these songs are fast, rocking, and just plain awesome. The title track is probably the most intense, with it’s rallying chorus, while “Burning Star” and :”Blood Of Generations” are a bit more melodic, with more epic choruses, and are my two favorites on the album. Sadly, while the rest of the album is good, it never again recaptures the greatness of the first five songs, and while I’d usually complain about a lack of variety, in this case, there are two songs that change things up, and both of them fall a bit flat. While the album on the whole has elements of heavy metal, only one song entirely falls into that genre, which would be “Metal Hammer”. As an album closer, it is quite disappointing, as the slow, plodding riffs don’t work for me at all, and Fabio’s vocals are a bit grating on just this one song. Even when he sings more cleanly on “Alone”, he does a good job, though the song on the whole, the lone ballad on the album, is simply not memorable in any way.

Still, aside from two weak songs and an early peak, “We Fight”delivers some fairly solid aggressive power metal, that may be especially interesting for those who hate the cheesier side of the genre. Arthemis is a band I’ll be following from now on, and at some point I just might have to look into some of their other albums.


Written by Travis

Ratings    Travis    7/10

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