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Cannon – Burning Love Review

Released by: Meantime Music

Release Date: September 7th, 2012

Genre: Hard Rock



Line Up:

Jaehnke (vocals)

Walter Mueller (guitars)

Steve Carrington (bass)

Oliver Krueger (lead guitars)

Mats Toralf (drums)



01.Guardian Pipes

02. Guardian Of The Night

03. Burning Love

04. Hold Me, Love Me

05. Heads Up With The Devil

06. Goodbye

07. Life

08. Cold Morning

09. Bachrock

10. Holy Devil

11. Dreamer

12. Run For Your Life

13. A Light In The Dark

14. One World


As soon as I started playing Cannon’s latest album Burning Love, I knew instantly they had to be a German band. They had the same basic sound type as Bonfire, The Scorpions, Accept, and Helloween, without sounding exactly like any of those bands. And it’s not that they sing in German or the singer, Mat Rein Jaehnke, necessarily has a strong German accent. It was just a quality about how they played and structured their songs. As I was doing some basic research to review the album, I learned they were very much a German band.

I was shocked to learn, however, that they originally formed in 1986. They’ve never fallen onto my musical radar, which I found to be unusual since they’re actually a pretty damn good band. Their sound can be best described as a mixture of the heaviness of Accept layered with the melodicism of Bonfire and The Scorp’s, and the power gallop of Helloween. I actually really enjoyed this album quite a bit. It appears that it’s only getting a digital release (for now at least,) which is somewhat disappointing. Of course the style of music they’re playing will likely only appeal to a small cross section of music fans, so maybe this is a more cost effective way of getting their music out to the masses that would actually enjoy them. Songs like “Guardian Of the Night,” “Heads Up With the Devil,” the lovely “Goodbye,” and “Holy Devil” were the standout tracks for me on an album that overall is pretty strong.

If you’re a fan of the aforementioned bands, then this is the perfect release for you. By taking the best parts of some of the best, classic German metal bands, they have forged a sound of their own that should appeal to all metal fans.


Written by Chris

Ratings    Chris    8/10


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