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Pride Of Lions – Immortal Review

Released By : Frontiers Records

Genre : AOR

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Toby Hitchcock – Vocals

Jim Peterik – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums

Additional Musicians – Kelly Keagy, Ed Breckenfeld, Bobby Lizik, Klem Hayes, Mike Aquino



01. Immortal

02. Delusional

03. Tie Down The Wind

04. Shine On

05. Everything That Money Can’t Buy

06. Coin Of The Realm

07. Sending My Love

08. Vital Signs

09. If It Doesn’t Kill Me

10. Are You The Same Girl?

11. Ask Me Yesterday


Can you believe that it’s already been five years since the last PRIDE OF LIONS release, the 2007 AOR masterpiece THE ROARING OF DREAMS. Both Toby Hitchcock and Jim Peterik have been quite busy since that album came out, Hitchcock released his well-received first solo outing and Peterik teamed up with an old friend in Jimi Jamison to co-write the almost flawless 2008 album CROSSROADS MOMENT and also released an album in 2009 under the LIFEFORCE moniker.

The combination of Toby Hitchcock’s unique made-for-AOR vocals and Jim Peterik’s continuously top-shelf songwriting has proven to be a pretty special combo over three albums, and while IMMORTAL doesn’t quite reach the lofty heights of their previous albums, it’s still a pretty great record in its own right and one that will certainly gather the attention of the AOR fan-base. As you would expect the songwriting is once again very, very good and it amazes me how many pure AOR gems manage to come out of the writing pen of Peterik. Hitchcock’s vocals are just as good as any previous albums and it’s nice to hear him back in his comfort zone after his solo release which seemed a little bit heavy for his vocal style.

As with the previous PRIDE OF LIONS albums there’s a near-operatic and epic feel to a lot of the songs here with tracks like IMMORTAL, COIN OF THE REALM and TIE DOWN THE WIND sounding almost like mini-audio movies or something to that effect. Hitchcock gets to flex his ridiculously wide range on a couple of big power ballads EVERYTHING MONEY CAN’T BUY and ARE YOU THE SAME GIRL, but unfortunately neither of these tracks come close to the bands best ballad FAITHFUL HEART. The book-end tracks IMMORTAL and ASK ME YESTERDAY are also pretty good too. I like the fact that the first couple of bars of IMMORTAL are sung by Peterik before Hitchcock come in over the top and just blows you away. I have said in previous reviews that this guy is one of the best AOR vocalists ever, and I hear enough on this album to still be confident in saying that.

So overall it’s a little bit below the band’s last couple of albums, but as a stand-alone release it’s still one of the best pure AOR albums of the year and I expect to see it on just about every single best-of list at the end of the year.


Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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One thought on “Pride Of Lions – Immortal Review

  1. Nice job on the review. I agree with you on almost every point and was rather shocked when you pointed out what I’ve always felt – “Faithful Heart” from the band’s previous album is the best they ever recorded. And there is nothing on this album that can touch that. It also misses an epic on the scale of “The Gift Of Song” and pure AOR ear-candy like “Sound of Home”. Like you stated though, still a strong record. Again, nice review. Well done.

    – Ryan


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