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Another edition, another drop of MIND SCANS we are up to VOLUME 7 and I hope everybody is enjoying the extra discovery of albums and mix of genres in the bunch. Ready to get your MIND SCANNED again? Good COMING AT YA LIVE!!!



1. Angel King- World Of Pain (Meantime Music): Fairly catchy hard rock in the same vein as Jackyll and Buckcherry. Not overtly unique per se, but there are some things happening in the background that is a bit different from the norm. The question is is the surface sound worth listening to in order to hear it? I’ve heard worse.

2. Audioporn- Jezebel’s Kiss (JK Records): It’s like they want to be Dokken playing low grade Buckcherry songs. I wanted to really like this as I like the band name, plus there are moments here and there that could’ve been so much better in more capable hands. Very disappointing album.

3. Brokaw- Interiors (Good To Die Records): Doom-y Clutch, but with a bit more groove driving the beat. Reminds me a little bit of Masters of Reality if you recall that band.

4. Cock’s Arquette- s/t (OSCL Records): As a Frank Zappa fan I’m inclined to enjoy some weird shit. This is impossible to enjoy unless you’re getting a crystal meth enema while simultaneously snorting laundry detergent. Electronic punk noise…Sonic Youth already did this and did it much better.

5. Dark Empire- From Refuge To Ruin (Nightmare Records): Probably falls somewhere in the middle of symphonic/progressive metal. Clean singer sounds like Russell Allen and Jack Black had a baby, plus there are death vocals as well. Could’ve done without the death vocals. Musically I think they’re pretty tight and have a great sound. Good guitar work.

6. Dew Scented- Icarus (Prosthetic Records): Hardcore thrash akin to Hatebreed and Throwdown. Vocal delivery is a bit different from the aforementioned. Musically there’s some great stuff going on. Love the guitar licks. The songs have a good groove to them. Not sure I like the vocals though.

7. Dragony- Legends (Limb Music): On the surface have the power metal sound of Dragonforce and Firewind though not as fast and chaotic. I don’t hate them, but seriously, how many bands can play power metal?

8. Emerald- Unleashed (Pure Steel Records): Reasonably interesting band doing stuff in the new wave of thrash style. A little more melodic than some other thrash acts of this type. Heavy without being too in your face, and has some nice guitar stuff going on (solos and riffs.) Singer has a good voice as well. This could be one to grow on me with more listens.

9. Fastkill- Bestial Thrashing Bulldozer (Pulverized): I’ve been pretty clear I am a thrash fan going way back to its origins. I even enjoy some of the new bands that are doing it old school. Fastkill isn’t one of them. They are entirely too derivative of the classic thrash sound that it almost sounds like a parody. Even if it’s an accident, I still don’t care to hear it.

10. Freak Kitchen- Land Of the Freaks (Laser’s Edge): Yet another I had wanted to do a full review of, but it’s past its time. I absolutely love this band. Great sound, sense of humor, and totally unique. Precisely what I look for when I’m writing reviews of bands.

11. High On Fire- The Art Of Self Defense (Southern Lord): If you enjoy their previous albums you’ll love this one. If you hated them, don’t waste your time. They stay true to their stoner sludge sound.

12. Inner Blast- Sleepless Monster (Self Released): As a sucker for female fronted metal bands I wanted to automatically like this. Musically it’s really cookie cutter and dull (production sucks,) and the singer is really not good at all. Avoid at all costs…sorry!

13. Joe Stump- Revenge Of the Shredlord (Lion Music): Some people enjoy shred albums. some people don’t. I fall into the category of those that love them, if done properly. Joe Stump has been accused of being a Malmsteen clone, which I can certainly hear the similarities, but I don’t think he’s duplicating what Yngwie does. He’s got a sound and style all his own, and I’ve always appreciated that about him.

14. Saint Vitus- Lillie F65 (Season of Mist)): Have loved these doom veterans a long time now. This album is superb. I highly recommend it to fans of the band as well as sludge lovers around the world.

15. Zombie Inc- A Dreadful Decease (Soulfood): Figured with the subject matter and band name it would either be thrash or death. It’s sort of somewhere in between. It probably leans more toward the death genre, but has some thrash tendencies riff wise. As a fan of all things zombie I was already a bit biased in favor of liking it, but the music contained is actually pretty good. Nothing that delves into new areas, but a great listen none-the-less.


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