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Psychothermia – Slash & Burn EP Review

Released by: Independent

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Groove Metal




Line Up:

Johan Maldonado (vocals)

Jon Russo (guitar)

Mike Russo (drums)

Chenzo Vidalez (bass)



1. Anarchy

2. Crazy X

3. Slash & Burn

4. The Fight

5. All The Diamonds

6. Danger Sign


For those that have been reading MGM for a while will probably recognize the line up here in Psychothermia who’s a derived brother of the previous band or incarnation that was Canobliss a band that we reviewed here on Myglobalmind and got some pretty high ratings as well. Due to some legal issues with a former member they have changed names and have a new EP that you can get via their website. But enough of the formalities, I guess you want to hear what these guys have to offer don’t you? Of course you do you curious mind.

Well for some that may recall Canobliss’s sound was cross dressing between thrash and modern groove metal but the lyrics and the style on their last record I thought set them apart in this new modern metal world that has so many mainstream bands acting as actors and reading from a commonly used script. Upon this EP the guys kick things out with some aggression in the post apocalyptic chaotic meanderings of “Anarchy” a just title to this groove metal crusher of an opener, the band also has released a video for this tune and even on a small budget the outcome is pretty decent. The next track however is a bit of a convoluted slow grinding let down, “Crazy X” is muddled and a bit erratic in it’s core, not horrible but could of been better one that did not leave a mark on me.  The title track however is pretty bad ass as it fists pounces away it’s guitar laden masterfully hooks pick this track up and makes it the highlight of the EP by itself, a nice mix of groove/metal core and modern progressive that makes me look forward to a full album.

Listen the skinny on these guys has never been that their not talented because they are obviously, the problem is that when you’re not signed to a big label is hard to get your music out there, but surprisingly Psychothermia keeps on plowing forward and has grown a nice fan base on the west coast in hopes of expanding their influence. I like a few of the new tunes on “Slash & Burn” and I love the fact the band released a video from their own budget I’m assuming to provide a presence, now if you dig their stuff be nice enough to purchase this EP from their website and help a band out yes? Cool then we shall look forward to their full album hopefully soon.


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    7/10

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