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On-Off – Don’t Forget The Roll Review

Released By : Buil2kill Records

Genre : Hard Rock

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Teo – Guitar, Vocals

Fabio, Bass

Ale – Drums

Davide – Guitar



01. Another Bone To Suck

02. That’s What I Call Rock ‘n’ Roll

03. Catch The Bunny

04. Money Makes Money

05. Turn Off My Brain Control

06. On The Railroad

07. Don’t Put Your Finger (In Every Hole You Find)

08. She Drank All My Booze

09. Let’s Play The Fools

10. Every Stone Got To Roll Someday

11. The Last On The List


A couple of years ago I reviewed the debut album by Italian AC/DC clones ON-OFF. IN short, I thought the album was decent enough but wasn’t a massive fan of the Italian vocal accents. Well, just like most people say you can say the exact same things about different AC/DC albums, I could just as easily cut and paste my review of the ON-OFF’S previous album right onto this page.

The fact that DON’T FORGET THE ROLL is very similar to its predecessor says a couple of things really… Firstly it is clear that the band aren’t willing to mess with their formula too much, and secondly it shows that over the last two years the band haven’t really improved any. I will say that I noticed that the band have moved slightly away from the AC/DC formula on a couple of songs, but it’s not far enough away to class it is a progression in style or anything like that.

If a thick Italian vocal accent doesn’t bother you then there’s still enough on DON’T FORGET THE ROLL to be worth looking into. The production is very good, the musicianship is pretty sharp and the overall style of the album will please Boogie Rockers everywhere. Songs like THAT’S WHAT I CALL ROCK N ROLL, MONEY MAKES MONEY, SHE DRANK ALL MY BOOZE and THE LAST ON THE LIST all have very enjoyable grooves and would sound great played in a dingy, beer-soaked bar-room.

Well, there really isn’t much more to say about DON’T FORGET THE ROLL. If you like the simplistic AC/DC formula then check it out. For me I don’t think the band has really improved any this time around so I couldn’t really get into the album at all. A bit of a missed opportunity here, hopefully the band’s next album can show some growth and improvement. I really do think that the vocals need to be less accented if the band hope to garner some interest from out of their homeland too.


Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 6/10

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